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Video intercom system for apartments

The video intercom system for apartments is a modern communication management system using ip pbx telephony integration technology.The door phone you can use the intercom with camera. The apartment door video intercom system can integrate the apartment's internal communication, video surveillance, anti-theft alarm, and access control as one of the new systems. It can also adopt the self-developed snmp unified network management system to manage the door intercom system, alarm system, and other systems.

video intercom system for apartments

The composition of the video intercom system for apartment

The communication terminal adopts ip video access control intercom, high-definition camera, and is installed outside the door of the apartment by wall-mounted or embedded installation. The apartment interior is equipped with a desktop video phone, and the user is free to use the video terminal for access control. The control center uses the operator console to regulate the entire apartment door intercom system. The entire system uses ip pbx server integrated management, and all call records and media records can be uploaded to the multimedia server through the network switch. The control center and the communication terminal are connected using a network switch.

Advantages of apartment intercom system

The video intercom system for apartments uses a modern ip pbx integrated system, the entire telephone system uses ip network for communication, low cost and good communication quality. The ip network is used for communication, and the media functions are rich, the scalability is strong, and the management cost is low.The overall manageable terminal capacity can reach 3000, with a 3000-door operator console.

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