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Highway Roadside Emergency Call

VoIP Telephone System for Highway

The Voip telephone system is a modern telephone system that transmits and compresses communication signals in the form of data packets over an ip network.
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KNBS Highway Intelligent Dital Broadcasting System

Highway has become the symbol of country modernization. The speed development of transportation network effectively improved our transportation structure and transportation efficiency and play a important role for our economy. Therefore, our country value and control the highway construction.However, with the high-tech construction level of highway, it creates much highway construction miracles. Now we make an achievement in family, enterprises, shipping moll and other field. But we loose manage the highway communication, parts of detection and manual operation. Therefore, our company has mature communication technology and a completely intelligent management communication. It saves labor cost, social cost and leads the world toward intelligent management platform.
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Highway IP Network Broadcasting System Solution

Expressway IP network broadcasting system/Expressway IP network emergency help intercom system solution, the selection and setting of the highway background music speaker, first consider the background music speaker playback effect without sound bias and dead corners, and ensure the background The sound of music does not affect people's normal face-to-face conversation in daily playback. In the event of an emergency, it can be played with the loudest effect to ensure that every place must be heard. Speaker selection and consideration of the environment and design of the place Beautiful
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Highway Intercom System and PA System

The system facilitates the development of information technology in the expressway industry, and applies the integrated communication command technology to the daily management of expressways to realize the intelligent operation of expressways. Through the integration of intercom, emergency assistance, emergency broadcasting, monitoring and office communication systems with expressway toll booths, it helps the high-speed industry to maximize management efficiency and economic benefits.
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