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Mining and Tunnel

T0302 Thomson East Coast Line Tunnel

"State-of-the-art ip pbx technology, intelligent fire alarm phone, waterproof phone with high waterproof rating, and perfect solution, a very enjoyable cooperation." ------Training person in charge
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Emergency Telephone System for 6 Tunnels in Sharma and Shigry Neom

Neom is a new urban area planned by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be built in its northwestern Tabuk Province. T
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Iranian Highway Tunnel Project

HONGKONG KOON Technology LTD exported EMERGENCY TELEPHONE to Iran in October 2019. Project name used for installation: Alburz Tunnel, Tehran-Shomal freeway. Product model: KNZD-13 IP,
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KNTECH's Emergency Telephone System

Using the latest VoIP technology, the most perfect emergency telephone system is applied in the tunnel to ensure the use of emergency communication in case of accident to the greatest extent.
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KNTECH Telephone In Power Tunnel

"Very good industrial phone with anti-electromagnetic interference, which solves the problem of poor phone call quality in the previous power tunnel."
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