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Voip intercom

Voip intercom


The voip intercom is an voice and video intercom based on the ip protocol in a stainless steel case. It also use as the door intercom.The intercom adopts the sip 2.0 protocol conforming to international standards, and the VoIP intercom software adopts a functional GUI interface, which is simple and fast to operate.

voip intercom description

Voip intercom KNZD-60

      The voip intercom is an intercom with audio and one-way video calling. The voip intercom uses the one-touch speed dial function. In an emergency, visitors can quickly turn to the duty room with one-touch dialing. The voip intercom is built-in, easy to install, robust and resistant to damage.The voip intercom is often used as a help point as a video help point for public use.

What is sip intercom?

Sip intercom, usually used in internal communication systems based on sip server hosting. Sip intercom use the Session initiation protocol is a multimedia protocol developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The Sip intercom is completely free as an internal communication.

About IP Voice and Video intercom

When it involves family access management and access security or non-public safety, you need to obtain AN information science intercommunication system. the utilization of intercommunication system with voice and video functions will give hands-free video-voice two-way spoken language for internal and external security entrances and access points. Connect your door phone to VOIP communication system, and your guests will receive greetings from any phone, simply press a key to enter!

Suitable for all kinds of environments, from schools and universities, classrooms and office space, apartment buildings, etc. It is very useful in schools and colleges, warehouses, server rooms and similar places. Some devices will transmit each video and audio. And our informatics communication system support automatic video transfer and recording transfer to the server operate, in order that you'll check and monitor within the future. If necessary, you'll integrate the communication  system with the observation system (such as circuit television) into a security system. Voice and video informatics communication system ar in line with the international customary SIP protocol. we tend to ar universal everywhere the globe. we will additionally offer you with bespoken, economical and effective solutions to produce you with two-way communication and secure access.

IP intercom and emergency intercom system

According to the customer's alternative, you'll use keyboard communication system or button communication system to dial the planned phone or extension range. All scientific discipline communication system square measure compatible with SIP-based scientific discipline PBX servers, creating them an ideal complement to existing scientific discipline paging networks. once selecting Associate in Nursing scientific discipline communication system, the communication system are often registered with the SIP service, and also the scientific discipline PBX system are often started as an entire communication system system. alternative advanced functions embrace Web-based settings, writer power provide, ascendable network code, etc.

VOIP Intercom and Door Buzzer

Controlling access to secure areas is one amongst the foremost common uses of VoIP intercommunication system. Voip intercommunication system will connect doorbells to their VOIP telephone system a bit like different SIP phones. However, rather than respondent the phone, the buzzer permits outside access. The intercommunication system with voice and video functions will clearly observe true of the guests, thus on confirm whether or not guests square measure allowed to enter.

VOIP Outdoor Intercom SIP

VoIP out of doors communication system is AN access management device high-powered by local area network (PoE 802.3af) and phonation IP (VoIP), that is definitely connected to AN existing computer network through one cable affiliation. Internal communications ar compatible with most SIP-based IP PBX servers, that adapt to SIP RFC. Its tamper-proof style permits safe installation of the device.

   Main Product feaures

     +SIP 2.0(RFC3261)

     +IAX2 protocol(optional)

     +Supports PSTN(Optional)

     +The possibility of recording 4 SIP accounts,also as a backup

     +The ability to simuitaneously login to all servers

      +Voice Codecs:G.711A/u,G.7231 hight/low,G.729a/b,G.722,G.726,ILBC,AMR-NB;


     +Video codecs:H.263,H.264,MPEG4

     +Video ressolution:ACIF,CIF,QVGA

     +Photo Format:PEG GIF and BMP PNG

     +Video formats:MP4,3GP and FLV

     +Echo cancellation:G.168 compatible with the LEC,including hands-free(AEC)VGA, VAD, CNG,jitter butter

     +Speakerphone full-duplex

     +Possibility of registering a domain or implementation of SIP calls

     +peer to peer

     +Modes DTMF Inband,SIP info,RFC2833

     +Can be used for custom ring tones

     +Support for STUN

     +Support for the SIP SMS

     +Adjusting the volume in all modes(headset/handsfree/headserwire/bell)

     +HD voice with high quality headset/HD voice in speakerphone mode 

     +Standard and SMART Analogue and VoIP-SIP options available

     +DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Fre quency)

     +Matching with most PABX,PBX and PAX systems

   Main PCB

1.Well treated PCB used inside the phone
2.Robust screw terminals used for the connection of ringer,handset,line in,hookswich.
3.Selectable 7 minute time out, to release the line if the handset is left off hook.
4.All connectors be greased in production.


voip intercom design


voip intercom packing
Until size:416*260*65mm,N.W:3.7KG
1pcs in each inner CTN box, size: 325 *235 *75mm   G.W:1.4KG 
10pcs in outer CTN box: size: 566*445*420mm    G.W:15.3KG 

==>>>> Product Specification

   VOIC OVER IP-SIP(Version)

Conection type: RJ45 Socket inside sealed enclosure 

Power supply: Powered by POE(Please tell if you need external 24 V dc)

Call set-up Protocol: Session Initiation Protocol(SIP)

Configuration:DHCP or STATIC IP address provisioning


The phone user-friendly thanks to large LCD

  touch screen and keypad functionality of software distributed

Clear on-screen menu

Telephone Features:Forward/tranfer calls,

both blind and attended/call-hold/conference call/paging and intercom/call park/capture/redia/click to dia/answer calls automatically

Call Recording during a call

Blaclist/Whitelist/DND-Do Not Disturb/CLIR/CLIP/Dial Plan

Call history:Incoming/Outgoing/Missed.Eeach 1000 entries

Phonebook up to 2000 recotds

Import/Export Phonebook

External phone book-XML

Phone Frame

Music player(mp4.mp3,wav,wma)

The ability to connect external USB drives

The stream of VoIP (SIP/RTP)is also encrypted(egRC4)



PoE 802.3af

DHCP client on WAN


NTP client



MD5 authentication

Network Utillties in telnet,pring,trace route

Connection cable

Stainless steel connection cable to exchange

Well treated keep waterproof

==>>>>Telephone System

Voip intercom use in the subway emergency intercom system

voip intercom system

==>>>>Product Application

Voip intercom application place

voip intercom use in the airport voip intercom use in the subway
voip intercom application place

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures

More voip intercom

voip intercom front view
voip intercom front

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