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Public Address System

IP PA System for Hospital

The system controller manages all system related functions of public address and Voice Alarm system.
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PA System For Highway

KNTECH IP network voice broadcasting system is a pure digital audio sound reinforcement system based on an IP data network platform
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School pa system-outdoor public address systems

The school pa system, from the selection of equipment, system design ideas, and equipment design indicators, all meet the existing campus needs and relevant national standards.
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Broadcasting system

The broadcasting system is abbreviated as DMB, which is the English abbreviation of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, and is a new concept multimedia mobile broadcasting service integrating communication and broadcasting.
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Industrial Multi-Party Paging System PA3

The “Multi-Party Talk” Paging system PA3 is designed for communication in industrial environments. A: It is suitable for high noise, corrosive atmospheres, hazardous areas and extremes of temperature, dust and humidity create hostile environments. B: The “Multi-Party Talk” system have two operations: the first one is group calling through pick-up handset and pressing one button to auto-dial; The other one is two-way private intercom in one line or more two-way groups calling and can be allowed up to 99 persons communication at most. C: The system also can be connected to external network, and the extension can call other phones outside of the network.
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Introduction: The “Multi-Party Talk” Paging system is designed for communication in industrial environments where high noise, corrosive atmospheres, hazardous areas and extremes of temperature, dust and humidity create hostile environments. The “Multi-Party Talk” system allows operators to both broadcast instructions over the system speakers and hold conversation with two or more people. Operation: To initiate communication or broadcast over the system, the operator at one of the station just push to talk. All there station ringing and auto-answer. All the other users at all other station can joins the conversation without any operation. The system allow all party simultaneous conversation without cross-talk or interference. After conversation each station will auto off to release the line. Centralized power supply box: built-in battery back 1 hours Telephone station: line powered from Centralized power supply box. Application: Quayside crane, Drilling Platform, Popular applications include elevator, power plants, TBM machine, security room, metal processing plants, mining operations, paper mills, offshore platforms, water treatment plants, and manufacturing, packaging, and processing plants.
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