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IP PA System for Hospital

The system controller manages all system related functions of public address and Voice Alarm system.
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PA System for Highway

KNTECH IP network voice broadcasting system is a pure digital audio sound reinforcement system based on an IP data network platform
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Subway Emergency Telephone System

The purpose of the subway emergency response system is that when an emergency occurs in the subway, tourists can seek help from relevant staff in a timely manner. The entire communication system is a complete and independent communication system, and all telephone terminals can be managed and set through ip pbx software.
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Emergency Call Solution for Campus

Safe campus "one-click" emergency alarm intercom system solution, to promote the development of security information technology in the education industry, the use of integrated communications command technology in campus security management, to achieve smart campus operations.
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Hotel VoIP Telephone System

The hotel voip telephone system solution is designed to meet the daily telephone communication needs of the hotel (hotel room customer service, front desk call, call transfer, etc.), and integrate the phone with other services through IP voice technology.
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