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Operator Console

Operator Console

size:480*242*89mm (with dial, without base)
material:Desktop, wall-mounted integrated chassis / aluminu

The operator console for telephone system with ip pbx system software.The operator console is rack mounted on the table for operator convenience.
operator console front view

Operator Console KNDDT-1-AV21

Operator console center for telephone system with ip pbx server software.We are the manufacturer of the operator control center, which is sold all over the world and is used in various engineering fields such as subway, tunnel, bus, railway, large factory.Usually based on pbx server, used together as the entire communication schedule.The operator console as a telephone switchboard and functions primarily as a telephone dispatcher. The operator console is a communication system based on the ip pbx server, which has multimedia functions such as video conferencing, multi-party calling, demolitions, and hang-up.Operator console center KNDDT-1-AV21, a video and audio Operator console.This is a call control center with two handles.Monitor all the station while they are on the waiting list,it  can also automatically upload video communication video to FTP Server.up to 16 station on the call waiting list. it can recording for each call with file name date and id number.

main feature

      Monitor all the stations while they are on the waiting list

      Audio and Video communication

      Video streaming automatically uploading to FTP server

      Up to 16 station on the call waiting list

      Video recording for each call with file name date and ID number

   +   21 inch capacitive screen dispatching station

   +   Industrial dustproof High and low temperature resistance Strong anti-staining Strong compatibility

   +   Professional Development for Transportation, Metro, Railway, Expressway, Public 

   +   Security Call Systems. Intercom System, Petroleum, Coal, Mining,  Nuclear Power Plant.

   +   Widely used in many fields

   +   Sensitive touch screen

   +   The capacitive screen has a faster contact speed and a longer life.

   +   Multi touch, quick response, and comfortable touch experience

   +   Innovation upgrading Everything is only better for quality 

   +   Stable

   +   The multimedia scheduling software is specially designed for the realization of simple and intuitive voice scheduling operation. It can be used in the dispatching station or in the ordinary PC.The multimedia scheduling software running on it can implement various functions such as voice scheduling, broadcast scheduling, video scheduling, conference, MCU management short message, broadcast reservation, call recording, recording management, backhaul management and address book.

   +   Through the scheduling software, we can visually see the grouping and status of each voice and scheduling terminal, and can realize call, standby, transfer, forcing, demolit, monitoring, broadcasting, telephone and conference through touch screen (or mouse) click. The scheduling function can intuitively view the call list and recording data in the dispatching system.

Operator Console Size

operator console size

Operator console for telephone system with soft client software

      A.Each operator console is equipped with user IDs and login passwords.

      B.All operator consoles are with the same display and facilities for answering incoming calls and serve as a redundant console.

      C.The system handles a minimum of ten simultaneously

      D.Call-waiting message shall be played to the caller. The messages shall be recorded in English.

      E.Emergency Telephones are as queues on the basis of "Fist come,first served"

      F.As calls are answered,the operator console display shall be rearranged.

      G.When a call is a answered the indications corresponding to this call shall be cleared

      H.Message flashes if the maximum number of incoming calls is being displayed.

      I.Call clearance shall be done when either the caller or the operator console ends the call.

      J.It shall be possible for the operator to re-define/re-programme handling, answering and distribution of incoming calls to all the operator consoles at the operator consoles 

      at Main and Standby OOC. The Contractor shall propose how incoming calls would be handled and attend to operator consoles for the Engineer's review and acceptance.

      K.The operator is able to put the caller on hold and attend to another incoming call.

      L.If the maximum number of incoming calls is being displayed and another  incoming call has been initiated,it shall cause a message to flash, on the corresponding display of

      the relevant console to indicate that calls are waiting.

      M.If all operator consoles are engaged, a voice message which informs the caller that his call will be attended to shottly  shall be automatically played.

      N.Incoming calls cause all or designate logged-in operator consoles to ring based on the accepted call handling design.It is able to allow operators to disignate logged-in

      operator consoles by geographical locations.

      O.Operator console allows operators to retrieve emergency Call system calls which are put on hold, even if that call been placed on hold by another operator.


==>>>> Product Specification


                        KNDDT-1-AV21 parameter

Body part Chassis characteristics Desktop  ,  wall-mounted integrated chassis/aluminum alloy frame
Chassis material Galvanized steel plate aluminum alloy
Chassis size 913.3*334.2*88mm(with dial,without base)
Surface treatment Panel black sand paint,black in color,silver on the edges
Spower supply External support DC 12V 10A power adapter,adapter ACC220V input
Display part screen size 21.5" LCD screen - wide viewing angle IPS screen
Resolution Maximum resolution 1920*1080 display ratio 16:9
Operating temperature 0-60℃
Service life 30000h
Touch part induction method Catactive inductive touch screen,USB interface
Touch resolution 4096*4096
Contact accuracy ±1mm
Transmittance 92%
Host configur-ation Moutherboard Industrial control board
CPU I5 quad-core processor
RAM 4g DDR3, Upgradeable to 8G
HDD 500G,Upgradeable to 1TB
Extension ports VGA interface,HDMI interface
Sound card integrated
I/O interface 1*RJ45, 4*USB,2*phone LAN, 1*AUDIO
SWITCH Self-resetting switch
Phone Part Phone parameters Standard ES280 IP phone 2
OTHER Built-in Gigabit switch
Software Part SPEECH CODING G.711,G.723,G.726,G.729
PROGRAMMING Programming and configuring non-volatile flash through the web GUI graphical interface

==>>>>Telephone System

The operator console is placed in the control room as a telephone switchboard

The operator console is equipped with ip pbx system software, and the entire highway uses the ip pbx system to manage the entire emergency call schedule.
snmp unified network management system KNTECH operator console use in highway emergency dispatching scheme

==>>>>Product Application

Operator console for communication scheduling system

operator console use in highway operator console use in railway operator console use in tunnel

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures

operator console front view side view back view

operator console front view
operator console side view

operator console view

Operator console for telephone system with soft client software

Operator console for telephone system with soft client software Operator console for telephone system with soft client software

==>>>>Product Video

How does the operator console works based on ip pbx?

==>>>>Please Email US marketing@koontech.com

This product model:KNDDT-1-AV21


Irving-December 28, 2018-Germany

Not long ago, the operator console was purchased for internal communication scheduling, which greatly saved costs and improved efficiency.

Curry-April 21, 2018-India

The operator console is so cool.it use the ip pbx software very convenience

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