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Parking Lot and Access Control

Parking Intercom System

The parking lot intercom system uses ip pbx technology integrated system to realize intercom, alarm, monitor recording, remote barrier control, emergency consultation, etc., realize video linkage, shouting broadcast, emergency broadcast, intercom call recording and other functions.

parking intercom system

Emergency events such as vehicle collisions, occupied parking spaces, and barriers that cannot be opened and closed due to various problems often occur in the parking lot. Therefore, the one-click emergency help system is still a necessary system in the parking lot. The role of the parking lot will become more important.
When an emergency occurs in the parking lot, the driver can contact the management center and the administrator in time through the help terminal installed in the entrance and exit of the parking lot to get remote help, which can greatly improve the user experience of unattended parking lot.
Realize fast (convenient service), accurate (problem accurate), clear (clear communication), zero (zero distance communication), and can reduce the overall operating cost of the parking lot.

The outdoor intercom use in the parking lot.

our outdoor intercom KNZD-45


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