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Parking Lot And Access Control

IP access control systems

Ip access control room system is a set of ip protocol based access control security management system is a modern security management system, it integrates computer automatic identification technology and modern security management measures, it involves electronics, machinery, optics, computer technology, biometrics And many other new technologies. The Ip access control system solves the effective measures for security management of important department entrances and exits. At present, it is mainly applicable to various confidential departments, such as banks, hotels, offices, intelligent communities, and family access control.

Why do we need access control?

In the enterprise, the installation of the ip access control system can effectively prevent outsiders from entering the company to disturb the order and ensure the property and personal safety of the company and employees. Controlling access in the company's leading office can effectively ensure the security of the company's data and ensure the privacy of the leadership. In the development technology department, the installation of access control can be effective to ensure that the company's technical secrets are not stolen. The installation of access control in the finance department can effectively guarantee the company's property. In short, the installation access control can effectively monitor and ensure security.

What are the differernt types of access control?

1. Password identification

The entry and exit permissions are identified by verifying that the entered password is correct. Advantages: simple operation and low cost. Disadvantages: easy to leak, poor security, unable to record in and out records, only one-way control.

2. RFID card identification

The access rights are identified by reading the RFID card information or reading the card plus the password. The advantages and disadvantages are low, one person and one card, can be connected to the microcomputer, and there is a door opening record. Disadvantages: need to carry a card

3. Biometrics

In and out, such as fingerprints, finger veins, irises of the eyes, facial recognition, are identified by examining the biometrics of the person.

Advantages, high security and convenience. Disadvantages: high cost, low recognition rate, high requirements for the environment and users.

4. Remote control, DTMF

It can be entered remotely by entering the correct command and permission after control. Advantages: remote control, two-way controllable. Disadvantages: high cost.

door phone when it is using

Door control phone

The door control phone has a camera with password control and remote DTMF control. Managers can observe the visiting guests in the control room before deciding whether to grant access. And all the opening records are uploaded to the server.

door control phone

Multi door access control system

Multiple access control control phones, multiple network switches, sip servers, multimedia storage, operator consoles. The hotel's access control system uses integrated control, and access to the phone can be accessed using an RFID card and password input. And under the compatibility of the snmp unified network management system, the access control management system and the monitoring system are used uniformly, which greatly enhances the security of the access control system.

ip access control systems

How much does access control cost?

The cost of the access control system is mainly determined by the size of the access control system. Simple access control system, mainly equipped with door phone, sip server, console, switch, media server. Mainly spent on door phone quality and sip server, please consult for more details to marketing@koontech.com.

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