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How to setup ip pbx system

IP PBX servers are currently being widely used in integrated scheduling systems. I will show you step by step how to set up the ip pbx system.
Ip pbx is an IP telephone switch device that combines functions such as VoIP, voice, fax, and recording, and is compatible with a variety of service platforms and terminals. It provides a variety of converged communication solutions and is an indispensable device for enterprise office and communication.
Ip pbx system diagram

ip pbx basic system
This is a simple industrial phone ip pbx system, which is also the most basic ip pbx system.

Set up an ip pbx system, what do you need?

1.Sufficient network bandwidth, ip pbx system is a telephone dispatching system based on ip protocol. Enough network bandwidth can guarantee the quality of your call and the number of simultaneous online calls.
2.Ethernet switch, the Ethernet switch is a switch that transmits data based on Ethernet, and connects the telephone system and the network system to realize the exchange between signals.

ethernet switch
3.Communication terminal equipment phone: Usually determined according to the application scenario of ip pbx system, if it is suitable for industrial use, we can choose waterproof phone, explosion-proof phone. If it is used in a commercial office, we usually use an office phone. If it is used in an access control system, a video access radio is usually used.

voip telephone use in ip pbx
4.Ip pbx server, mainly used to integrate all phone unified management, usually equipped with server software.
5.Operator console: The attendant console with ip pbx server software, which usually has the functions of call answering, forced splitting, and multi-party talks.

operator console in ip pbx system

Set the ip pbx system

The first step, How do l set up an ip phone?

voip telephone loginvoip telephone setup
After completing all the ip pbx system connections.Set the ip phone networking mode, static dynamic or dial, set the ip address. we can enter the ip phone login page according to the ip address of the ip phone through the already connected browser, and select the language to enter the management interface. (Get the address of the ip phone. First, the general phone has the factory default address and management password and account number. 2. Long press any button in the phone for 5s, the phone will automatically broadcast the ip address).

The second step is to log in to the ip pbx server and complete the configuration of the ip phone registration ip pbx server.

ip pbx system loginip pbx system set voip telephone
According to the server address, enter the server login page, select the account type manager or operator, user name, password, and select the interface voice on the server login page. Log in to the server as the administrator and set the username and password for the IP phone that will be registered.

The third step is to set up an ip phone and connect to the ip pbx server.

voip telephone setup ip pbx system
In the basic settings, you can select the mode of the ip phone connection network, static, dynamic. After completing these basic settings, the ip phone is accessible and can be connected to the network. In the VoIP menu bar, we can register the ip phone to the server. Here we need to fill in the server address, server port, username and password parameters. After submitting, we can refresh and check the registration status.

The fourth step is to log in to the ip pbx server and configure the function configuration of the ip phone in the server.

ip pbx server manage voip telephone
1. Configure the operator to provide the operator's username and password.
2. Assign conference groups, groups, and other configurations to common users.
According to the above steps, connect all IP phones to the ip pbx server, and then set the entire ip pbx server.

What can the ip pbx system do?

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