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IP PBX Software is a communication server software based on ip pbx server running on window or liunix operating system. Ip pbx software includes system control from switch signaling to user interface, user to user, system to user, etc. Ip pbx software is the web interface user operation center of the application layer of ip pbx system. The hosted ip pbx server is the hardware of ip pbx software. Our self-developed ip pbx software, the underlying code is original, compiling and strong, we can develop ip pbx software according to the scale and applicable scenarios of the enterprise to meet the needs of all users.

ip pbx software

Ip pbx software basic functions

The self-developed ip pbx software uses a functional wab interface. The user is simple to operate and functional. The entire software, using two kinds of identity login system. The administrator has the ability to add, delete, and assign dispatchers and the username and password for IP phone registration for the entire dispatch system.

In the dispatching system, the entire dispatching system is logged in according to the registered dispatcher username and password. In the system with the ip pbx system already set, we can see in the main interface of the schedule, some registered ip phones, bright colors and ip phones (gray) that are not registered to the ip pbx server.

ip pbx system scheduling software

Ip pbx software dialing function

Ip pbx software has the basic functions of a general VoIP phone. ip pbx software uses network signals to implement the free call function by ip protocol for internal communication. Operation steps, on the pc, or on our self-designed touch-clickable dispatching console, select the ip phone, and then select the dial to implement the phone function.

Ip pbx software phone scheduling function

When the call comes in, the call can be automatically assigned to the online dispatcher, and one schedule can support 20 dispatchers.

The ip pbx software is specially designed for the realization of simple and intuitive voice scheduling operation. It can be used in the dispatching station or in the ordinary PC.The ip pbx software running on it can implement various functions such as voice scheduling, broadcast scheduling, video scheduling, conference, MCU management short message, broadcast reservation, call recording, recording management, backhaul management and address book.

Through the pbx software, we can visually see the grouping and status of each voice and scheduling terminal, and can realize call, standby, transfer, forcing, demolit, monitoring, broadcasting, telephone and conference through touch screen (or mouse) click. The scheduling function can intuitively view the call list and recording data in the dispatching system.

ip pbx software scheduling telephone

Operator console for telephone system with ip pbx software

      A.Each operator console is equipped with user IDs and login passwords.


      B.All operator consoles are with the same display and facilities for answering incoming calls and serve as a redundant console.


      C.The system handles a minimum of ten simultaneously


      D.Call-waiting message shall be played to the caller. The messages shall be recorded in English.


      E.Emergency Telephones are as queues on the basis of "Fist come,first served"


      F.As calls are answered,the operator console display shall be rearranged.


      G.When a call is a answered the indications corresponding to this call shall be cleared


      H.Message flashes if the maximum number of incoming calls is being displayed.


      I.Call clearance shall be done when either the caller or the operator console ends the call.


      J.It shall be possible for the operator to re-define/re-programme handling, answering and distribution of incoming calls to all the operator consoles at the operator consoles 

      at Main and Standby OOC. The Contractor shall propose how incoming calls would be handled and attend to operator consoles for the Engineer's review and acceptance.


      K.The operator is able to put the caller on hold and attend to another incoming call.


      L.If the maximum number of incoming calls is being displayed and another  incoming call has been initiated,it shall cause a message to flash, on the corresponding display of

      the relevant console to indicate that calls are waiting.


      M.If all operator consoles are engaged, a voice message which informs the caller that his call will be attended to shottly  shall be automatically played.


      N.Incoming calls cause all or designate logged-in operator consoles to ring based on the accepted call handling design.It is able to allow operators to disignate logged-in

      operator consoles by geographical locations.


      O.Operator console allows operators to retrieve emergency Call system calls which are put on hold, even if that call been placed on hold by another operator.

Ip pbx software main function

(1)Normally A number of seven operator positions at each OCC (operating control center) shall be provided.

(2)Normally A number of fourteen  concurrent user lDs and password login shall be granted at any one time (inclusive of Standby OCC), and the final number of login access at any onetime shall be confirmed during the detailed design.

(3)All operator consoles be provided with the same display and options/facilities for answering incoming calls and serve as a redundant console in the event of damage or malfunction of the other active consoles for the Emergency telephone system to remain functional at all times

(4)In the event that all operator consoles at the Main or Standby OCCs are engaged or before establishment of the call, a prerecorded call-waiting message shall be played to the caller. The messages shall be recorded in English. 

(5) On receiving a 'telephone call indication, the operator console may choose to answer the first call in the queue by pressing an acceptance key. The operator also have the option to answer any call in the queue by, for example, entering the call sequence number and then pressing the acceptance key. In either case, pressing the' 'acceptance"key shall establish the communication link immediately.

(6)Additional calls be brought into the display as space becomes available. Unanswered calls be displayed in the order in which they were initiated.

(7)If there are other incoming calls, their corresponding indications shall continue to sound/appear. For all unanswered calls, there shall be indications to remind the operators of such calls.

(8)If the maximum number of incoming calls is being displayed and another incoming call has been initiated, it shall cause a message to flash on the corresponding display of the relevant operator console(s) to indicate that others calls are waiting.

(9)Call clearance shall be done when either the caller or the operator console end the call (i.e. hang up the handset).

(10)Callers shall be able to speak only to operator console and not with users of other Emergency Outstation Telephones.

(11)The Contractor shall propose how incoming calls would be handled and routed to operator consoles for the Engineer's review and acceptance.

(12) M)  Each operator console dealing with a call shall be provided with a display indicating the actions available, and with easy means to invoke these actions. These actions shall include, but not be limited to:

  i) Monitor and handle all call from any Emergency Outstation Telephone; (ii) Call any Emergency Outstation Telephone; (iii) Hold a minimum of ten (1O) calls;  (iv) Toggle between calls in the queue and calls on hold; (v) Be alerted that further calls are incoming/waiting;(vi) Be alerted that there are unanswered calls;  (ii) Transfer calls to another console operator; and (vii) Receive fault indications. n) There shall be audible alarms and visual indicators to alert

  operators at the operator console to enable quick identification of each calling Emergency Outstation Telephone. These visual indications shall be by means of flashing lights with unique lD or geographical location of the calling Emergency Outstation Telephone. Busy tone shall never be heard at any Emergency Outstation Telephone or any operator console.

(13) shall support simultaneously "hold" a minimum of 10 calls. When an established call is put on the "hold", the caller shall be able to hear a "hold tone".

(14)If the maximum number of incoming calls is being displayed and another incoming call has been initiated, a message flashing on the corresponding display of the relevant console indicates that another call is waiting.

(15)If all operator consoles are occupied, a voice message will be automatically played to inform the caller that his call will be answered shortly.

(16)The incoming call causes all or the specified login operation console to ring according to the accepted call processing design. It allows the operator to specify the operator console to log in based on the geographic location.

(17)The operator console allows the operator to retrieve the suspended emergency call system call even if the call has been interrupted by another operator.


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