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Waterproof Phone Box

Waterproof Phone Box

material:Cold-rolled steel

waterproof phone box
The waterproof phone box is an outdoor landline phone for waterproof and weatherproof phone case.The large waterproof box is suitable for all outdoor industrial waterproof phones, and we can design and produce according to user requirements.If you would like to consult or order waterproof phone box, please contact us at marketing@koontech.com or online server, we will provide you with competitive prices.
waterproof phone box feature

Waterproof Phone Box KNB10

The waterproof phone box, also known as the waterproof box, is mainly used for outdoor use. The waterproof phone box has strong weather resistance. The phone box is equipped with an emergency phone, often mounted on a wall or next to a column.Outdoor telephone box.

Waterproof Phone Box Size

We can design and produce waterproof phone box according to customer requirements.
waterproof phone box-size

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Material:Cold-rolled steel

Tags:weatherproof phone box,weatherproof phone,waterproof telephone

==>>>>Telephone System

Waterproof phone box in tunnel construction system

The telephone waterproof box is used in conjunction with an industrial telephone for emergency communications during tunnel excavation.

waterproof phone box in tunnel construction system

==>>>>Product Application
waterproof phone box and waterproof telephone

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waterproof phone box Different angles (open the door,left view,right view)

waterproof phone box when it open the door waterproof phone box waterproof phone box left view waterproof phone box right view

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This product model:KNB10