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Emergency Intercom System

The emergency intercom system is an ip call station system specially set up in the subway. The emergency system is a complete set of communication system. The communication system centrally manages the emergency help point of the platform, the waterproof anti-electromagnetic interference telephone in the tunnel, and the intercom of the subway elevator. The intercom uses the ip pbx system to host all ip intercom using the ip pbx server.

Emergency intercom system design

intercom system

The entire intercom system uses ip pbx server as the ip intercom hosting, using ip pbx software for unified management. The emergency intercom system installed high-power amplifiers and speakers to integrate the broadcasting system into the communication system to integrate broadcasting and communication. The terminal emergency intercom installed our self-developed intercom self-test system. The self-test system can independently detect and alarm the intercom terminal fault problem.

Emergency intercom system

The emergency help point of the entire system and the waterproof anti-electromagnetic interference telephone are all in ip version. The entire emergency intercom system uses ip network communication, which is fast and stable. Emergency help point on the platform, using two-way visual intercom, and one-touch speed emergency station, the tunnel adopts waterproof anti-electromagnetic interference telephone, the terminal uses RJ45 cable to connect to the network switch, and the ip pbx server is connected to the network switch. All ip intercom terminals are registered to the ip pbx telephone server via an operator console equipped with ip pbx software.

Emergency intercom system uses the advantages of ip pbx system

ip pbx system

Our ip pbx software is our own self-developed scheduling software. Our pbx software uses a functional GUI interface that is simple and easy to use. Our ip pbx system has queues, automatic answering, broadcast, group call, multicast, monitor, demolitions, call recording and automatic upload to the server. Operator console, touchable, videoizable, can be used as a personal computer, with two answering handles. The entire system is ip network communication, all communication is free and fast.

Intercom terminal uses the advantages of self-test system

emergency intercom system seft diagnostic system

The intercom self-test system is in the world's leading position. It has the ability to check all or a single terminal hardware status and online usage status in a timely and real-time manner, and to reflect the state of the hardware part observable in the most intuitive way, accurately locate the abnormal parts of the terminal, and the maintenance personnel are targeted. Repair or replace. It saves a lot of equipment maintenance and inspection costs, and plays a very important role in the use, troubleshooting, monitoring and maintenance of control center users.

Installation Environment

1) Intercom terminal self-test system currently supports Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows server 2008 operating system

 Hardware requirements:

 CPU: quad core 2.5GHz or above

 Memory: 8GB or more

 Hard disk: 8*300GB or above


The KNTSS-1000 terminal self-checking system mainly monitors the hardware observable parts of the Kunlun Technology KNSP series emergency call telephone. When the terminal detects itself, it will report the test result to the server, and the server reflects it through the interface form. The most intuitive way for users to observe the hardware status of each device. The equipment detection items are: handle earpiece, handle microphone, external earpiece, external microphone, camera, keyboard button, incoming call LED light, and outer casing.

Self-test results are reported in two forms

1, passive self-test, upload self-test results

 Passive self-test is to configure the terminal self-test cycle through the terminal phone configuration interface.

2, active self-test, upload self-test results

 The active self-test is to configure the terminal self-test cycle through the server configuration interface.

 The two forms do not conflict and can coexist.

 Detailed self-test item

 A. The keyboard or emergency call button is stuck.

 B. The handset microphone or receiver is damaged and the handset cord is damaged.

 C. The incoming call LCD is damaged.

 D. The buzzer is damaged.

 E. Trigger the device housing tamper.

 The system is highly reliable, simple to install and easy to operate. Simply run KNTSS-1000 on your computer and use it with KNTECH Phone Command Server or other brands like SIEMENS / AVAYA / HUAWEI / ZTE / ALCATEL / NEC.

The entire emergency intercom system advantage

 Adopt the most advanced ip intercom communication, signal stability, good call quality

 Video intercom, voice, video two-way communication

 Internet call, all intercom communication free

 Intelligent functional scheduling software with simple operation and strong functionality

 Intelligent self-checking system, saving a lot of manpower and resources

 The original ecological development can customize the intercom function and solution according to the application scenario.

our ip pbx server and operator console

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