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Emergency call stations

Emergency call stations

material:stainless steel

The emergency call stations are telephone tower with blue lights, usually used in campus, and on the roadside as an emergency intercom.The emergency call station uses stainless steel metal material as the outer casing, which has the function of anti-destruction and anti-corrosion, and can be placed in outdoor, park, tunnel, as emergency communication.

Emergency call stations KNEM-25-S

The emergency call station is an industrial emergency communication device independently developed by us. From the telephone motherboard to the appearance, we independently develop and design.We can design according to user needs, simulation version, gsm telephone as sos telephone, we can provide a complete set of ip pbx system based telephone system and solution.

How to install emergency call stations?

We use a column installation method, you only need to place the call stations in the right place. The alarm post uses voip network signals for communication. You only need to use a network cable to access and power on the post. The emergency call box post can work normally. You can log in to the configuration interface of the two-way radio according to the ip address of the two-way radio, and configure the speed dial phone of the quote post, which can be 911 or the phone of the duty room.

How do I use emergency call stations?

When you encounter a dangerous situation at the airport, platform, square, etc., you can use the emergency help phone for consultation or help. If you want to ask for relevant information, you only need to press the green button to get relevant guidance. If you are looking for emergency help, you can quickly get in touch with the relevant people for help by just pressing the red button.

    1. Metal body, solid and temperature bearable
    2. Handset free
    3. Heavy duty Vandal resistant button, One button emergency call, with auto hang-up function
    4. With or without keypad optional
    5. Lightning protection standard to ITU-T K21
    6. Waterproof grade about IP66
    7. Body with grounding connection protection
    8. Support hotline call, self stop if the other side hang up
    9. Built-in loud speaker, noise canceling microphone
    10. AC 110v-220v powered or POE
    11. The design is super thin and smart. Embed style and hanging style can be chosen
    12. Time out function optional
    13. Stainless steel , If the qty over 100pcs can be To customer specification
    14. Incoming call and outgoing call lamp indicator
    15. Small lamp is on at night and off during daytime
    16. ETS Mushroom Button is integrated (with key protection to be activated)

 solar panels telephone
      EMC: EN50121 (Railway application- Electromagnetic Compatibility)
      EN55022: emissions
      EN55024: immunity
      Ingress Protection: GB4208-93 IP66
      ITU-T Recommendations K21


Packing detail:
Unit size:810*205*210mm, N.W:14.0kg

==>>>> Product Specification


VoIP SIP2.0 telephone                 DTMF dialing

MTBF:100000hours                     MTTR: 2 hours

Hotline(maximum length of each number is 16 digits)

Communication: Full duplex 2-way hands-free communication

Call Control Signaling:VOIP SIP Info(DTMF), RFC 2833(DTMF)

Power:Power over Ethernet, IEEE802.3af, Class 0 Local power, 12VDC,Idle 2W, Max 10W

Auxiliary Contacts:1 Aux Output, dry contact

Contact Ratings. Load: Resistive load

Rated load:0.3 A at 125 VAC; 1 A at 30 VDC

Rated carry current:1A

Max.switching voltage:125 VAC, 30VDC

Max.switching current:1A

Audio Codes:G.711, G.722, G.729

Network:10/100 BaseTX Ethernet, RJ45 connectors, Cat5e or better


LAN Protocols:Power over Ethernet(PoE,802.3af), WLAN(IEEE 802.3af), Network Access

Control(IEEE 802.1x),STP(IEEE 802.1d), RSTP(IEEE 802.1d-2004)

Programming: Non-volatile flash memory programming

and configuration through Web GUI

Management and Operation:DHCP and static IP, remote automatic software upgrade, centralized monitoring, status LED

Echo cancellation code:G.167/G.168

Environment conditions:

Ambient temperature: -40℃ to 40℃. Relative humidity:10%~95%

Atmospheric pressure: 86~106Kpa Circumstance noise:less than 60dB(A)

==>>>>Telephone System

Emergency call station in highway telephone system

emergency call station in highway telephone system

==>>>>Product Application

Emergency call station use in park and airport

emergency call stations outdoor

emergency call stations outdoor
emergency call stations outdoor

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures

Emergency call station detail (left view,right view,front view,back view)

emergency call station left view emergency call station right view
emergency call station front view
emergency call station back view

==>>>>Product Video