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“The next generation” LNG dynamic container ship will make appearance

TOTE Maritime company of America LNG dynamic container ship( ship type, shipyard, business). In 2013, awarded “ship of the next generation ” in INME Norway.
This prize lay emphasis on innovation, it is aimed at commending the most promising ship design, these ships will appear on the sea in ten years. The awarded ship projects show the most advanced equipment, the judgment refers to performance, innovation, stability, flexibility, technique, safety and environment sustainability ect.
In December,2012. TOTE company ordered 2 3100 TEU container ship from General Dynamics NASSCO shipyard, thereby becoming the first company to order LNG dynamic container ship in the world. Once the ship is built in 2015 and 2016 respectively. The 764 feet long container ship will be the largest LNG dynamic ship.  
The new ship will be built in NASSCO Santiago shipyard, designed by the subsidiary DSEC company of Daewoo shipbuilding. Design is based on the verified container ship design standard, which is added to the dual fuel system developed by Daewoo shipbuilding, as well as a MAN ME-GL dual fuel low speed engine(product library demand supply). The new ship will be operated in the American market under the protection of 《Jones Act》。
As the two double hull ship not only can rely on fuel oil, but also can use the natural gas to operate. Therefore, the discharge has obviously decreased, the efficiency of fuel is higher than traditional dynamic ship. LNG dynamic container ship will be equipped with ballast water treatment system, thereby become the most eco-friendly container ship of the same kind ship around the world. Single carton carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 71% than the current Puerto Rico routes. Particular matter emissions reduced by 99%. According to TOTE company estimate, sulfur oxide emissions will be reduced by 98, nitrogen oxide decreased by 91%. The first container ship will be built in the first quarter of 2014, it is estimated to deliver the first ship in the fourth quarter of 2015, the contract also includes the right of building choice of 3 other ships.