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LNG ship enjoy brick sales the shipowner placed a large number of orders

It is reported that, with the LNG transportation market enjoy good sales in recent years, more and more shipowners signed the contract to order LNG new ship. In several years, the ship type may presents the risk of supply in excess of demand.

          The president and CEO of Hoegh LNG Sveinung J.S.Stohle recently indicates that , in the near future, there will be a great many liquefied gas carrier(ship type, shipyard, business) delivered before production of liquefied natural gas. The company estimates that there will be supply in excess of demand in 2013-2015. On the basis of this , it is too earlier to build the new shipping ability at present.
Hoegh LNG presently possesses and operates 2 FSRU and 6 LNG ships, moreover, this company also has new ship order of 4 FSRU , built by korea shipyard, estimated to make delivery in 2014-2015.
          Stohle indicates that that, the plan of the company is to continue to develop the business of FSRU, the business can provide FLNG import terminal, thereby enlarge LNG transport portfolio link. By signing the contract of FLNG facility long-term operation to achieve profit. He pointed out that, despite the trade flow is changing, the demand for FSRU basic setting and transportation service will continue to increase. The increasing output of shale gas in America and other places will lead to the increase in LNG export trade volume, thus promote the increase potent of LNG transportation.