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Samsung heavy industry receive the world’s biggest FPSO order

FPSO Bonga built by Samsung heavy industry (ship type  shipyard business)(FPSO)
Samsung announced days earlier, Samsung heavy industry Nigeria enterprise has signed an agreement to provide the world’s biggest FPSO.
According to Samsung heavy industry introduction, The FPSO is 330m long, 61m wide and 34m high. The capacity of oil storage exceeds 2million buckets, only the parts above the waterline is 36 thousand tons.
Samsung heavy industry will sign a contract with the subsidiary corporation TUPNI of TOTAL. TUPNI will be the contractor, and Samsung heavy industry will be the subcontractor. It is estimated that the building cost of FPSO is 3 billion us dollars, the building expenditure is one of the highest of the signed FPSO. Samsung heavy industry will deliver the FPSO by designing ,purchasing, construction, transportation and drive to operate, and turnkey contract.
Samsung heavy industry announced that , the company could undertake the contract is mainly because of the technological innovation and the willingness to localize the shipbuilding base in Nigeria. Samsung heavy industry has planned to build most of the base above the FPSO waterline at the local country by combining with a Nigeria company.
Once the construction is accomplished, the shipbuilding base will be the Samsung heavy industry Nigeria marine shipyard, thus endow the shipyard with a “distinctive influence in Nigeria marine equipment market”. By estimate, Nigeria will continue to demand the marine ship and equipment.