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The 719 ship equipment complete products step into industrialization development route

Until the mid July of this year, the contracts the 719 marine equipment division signed exceed 50 million RMB, it is expected to breakthrough 80 million RMB. This action made it get rid of the situation that the contract amount of millions in the years earlier, it symbolizes the complete product of the ship has entered into industrialization development route, ship equipment set industry become a new strength of 791 technology industrialization.

           Adhering to market-oriented , intensity technique research. It is aimed at the circumstance that domestic equipment loading rate is much lower than foreign equipment, enlarge the force of product technique research based on market demand, in several years, make breakthrough of many key technique and develop a series of products like ship sideway acting control system, ship main acting control system, ship full swing steering oar control system , 13 systems 15types of ship control handle. Take out ten patents, and obtain provincial science and technology progress award many times. It is innovative in ship cabin automation control field , it stands on the leading level domestically, it has obtained many global mainstream ship qualification certificate like, china,America, germany, france, british, Italy ect.  Ship full swing steering oar control system has gained recognition of CCS product and GL product  for the first time domestically.
          Carrying out market segmentation, intensify the force to develop. Positioning product in middle and high end , to divide the current products in accordance with patrol fishery official ship , marine project ship, ocean vessel, inland rive, offshore ordinary workboat and fishing-boat customer group. Intensify the development force to vertical main line like customer, design, shipyard ect. In market developing, knowing the latest needs of domestic user, the developing trend of foreign latest technological development, seizing the latest condition of technological update, updating  knowledge, innovation idea, develop new products by new technology. Hundreds of sets of products have been applied in all types of ships at home and abroad, usage on the spot feedback demonstrates that, the system operates steadily, users have good reflection. On the basis of good credit, cultivating a great number of quality customer group, which has increasing open the industrialized development situation.
         Carrying out the brand strategy, match towards the market of complete set. Dedicating to the improvement of “HIKN” band popularity. Make the advanced international and  leading domestic  ship automation products. Racing to control the high-end ship complete set market, by virtue of the technical advantage of the 719 in this field, has gained the recognition of domestic and foreign high-end private boat customer through technology introduction, development strategy cooperation, product  technical level. Meanwhile steadily developing the current ship automation product market , utilizing the well equipped research, production, after-sale service system, as well as the overall rich technical reserve and actual ship application experience of the existing products. Continuously expanding the business scope, launching the business of complete set packaging of ship promotion system.