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Guangzhou Metro Line 21, China

Project Name: Guangzhou Metro Line 21, China

Time: 1st, 2019

Product Name Product Photo Product Model Supplying Time
Sip Server

Management System
Recorder System

KNSV-8 2019
Video Intercom

KNZD-20 2019
Video Help Point

KNZD-47 2019

Congratulations on the opening of Guangzhou Metro Line 21. Guangzhou Metro Line 21, the passenger SIP video intercom system provided by HONGKONG KOON TECHNOLOGY, SIP server for managing 1500 telephones, SV-8 server for recording and recording system, server model NMS-X1 for network management system with map For navigation, KNZD-20 (KNTECH self-help videophone for the disabled, self-help calling phone for the deaf and mute, and caring telephone for the disabled), KNZD-47 (KNTECH IP videophone). The visual emergency telephone system is used for calls between passengers and station attendants. The core function of the visual emergency telephone system is to provide emergency help at the first time when an emergency occurs or passengers need help, and realize two-way voice intercom with the station attendant. The management center uses the video intercom terminal panel camera and external The real-time video review of the installed high-definition camera confirms the on-site situation, determines the on-site location, and tracks the on-site situation. It is also possible to provide remote support to the front-end scene through the center speaker. KNTECH telephone system has always been the number one brand in the subway industry.

guangzhou metro
guangzhou metro
guangzhou metro
guangzhou metro