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Guangzhou Metro Line 9, Line 8, Line 13, Line 14,

Project name: Guangzhou Metro Line 9, Line 8, Line 13, Line 14,
Time: 2012-2018

Product Name Product Photo Product Model Supplying Time
Sip Server

Management System
Recorder System

KNSV-8 2012-2018
Video Intercom

KNZD-20 2012-2018
Waterproof telephone

KNSP-08 2012-2018

Project introduction: Hongkong Koon Technologt Ltd provides a complete set of telephone intercom systems for 4 subway projects of Guangzhou Metro Line 9, 8, 13, and 14. These 4 subway projects are exclusively designed by KNTECH for the project team and delivered products. The KNTECH technical team will guide the configuration of the project in an all-round way and integrate with other systems. The dispatching station is the latest and most capable touch screen, the recording system has an intelligent management and query interface, and the recording cycle is as long as 3 years to store recording files. KNTECH's professional technical team completed the project acceptance three months in advance for the owner, and was praised by the owner!

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