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Help Point For Malaysia Light Rail Line 2 LRT2

Project Name: Malaysia Light Rail Line 2 LRT2

Product Name Product Photo Product Model Supplying Time
Reilway telephone

KNSP-03 2016

HONGKONG KOON TECHNOLOGY LTD provides professional waterproof outdoor telephones to Malaysia Light Rail Line 2, industrial grade heat-resistant and cold-resistant, high temperature resistance 70 degrees, low temperature resistance -40 degrees, waterproof level IP66, durable, the phone comes with anti-noise function, eliminating trains coming With the noise. Make the call process quiet and comfortable. The telephone is designed in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission standards and fully meets the test standards of railway and subway equipment, and is anti-corrosion and anti-interference. It is a telephone used beside the track of the world's most sophisticated industrial communication standard. Reliable quality and considerate service are deeply loved by owners and users.

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