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TMSC refinance with 12 billion

On 21, august, suspension over a month of TMSC restricting plan abruptly stopped, replaced by a refinance proposal amounted to 12 billion, which is aimed at purchasing 10 VLCC taker, 4 LGN ships. The rest amount used in supplementing working capital , it is estimated to invest respectively 3.6 billion, 4.8 billion and 3.6 billion.
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The 719 ship equipment complete products step into industrialization development route

Until the mid July of this year, the contracts the 719 marine equipment division signed exceed 50 million RMB, it is expected to breakthrough 80 million RMB. This action made it get rid of the situation that the contract amount of millions in the years earlier, it symbolizes the complete product of the ship has entered into industrialization development route, ship equipment set industry become a new strength of 791 technology industrialization.
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“The next generation” LNG dynamic container ship will make appearance

TOTE Maritime company of America LNG dynamic container ship( ship type, shipyard, business). In 2013, awarded “ship of the next generation ” in INME Norway.
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LNG ship enjoy brick sales the shipowner placed a large number of orders

It is reported that, with the LNG transportation market enjoy good sales in recent years, more and more shipowners signed the contract to order LNG new ship. In several years, the ship type may presents the risk of supply in excess of demand.
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