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with import of new product, explosion resistant telephone with KOON brand, mine IP

we own a large of market in South America Market. more and more company want to become our
sole agency.
They come to visit our factoray with red wine and local food so as to build good business
relation with us. The KOON brand won good reputation in local market.
There are many sole agency in Latin America,Brazil, Chile, Argentina. We have sold many
public telephones in these country. we will get a contract of 500 sets telephone projects in
the end of this month.
The KOON brand is assigned the unique supplier by buyers. There are a domestic and local
three agents help us to serve for local customers.All KOON products can be guaranteed two
years after service or three years.
it is difficult to do if without real confidence.it is important to manager local agency for
us.Our company ask them to collect local market information by attending the exhibition.