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Guangzhou-Lechang highway project

In order to adapt to the special environment of Guangzhou-Lechang highway dayaoshan tunnel,we recommend they use the KNSP-08 loudspeaker phone after consulting with engineering contractor and the owner,and get very high evaluation from customer.
Guang-Le Highway is one of new decathlon key projects in Guangdong Province, north from Lechang, Shaoguan, south to Dayaoshan, Lechang, Qujiang, Yingde, and finally to Huadu District of Guangzhou, total length of 271 km. This highway adopts two-way 6 lanes across the board, and is designed with speed of 100-120 kilometers per hour. Among them, the top priority of the Shaoguan section of highway including new section of Guang-Le highway, extensive section of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao highway, and north & south connection line of Shao-Gan highway. The main line ranges from Pingshi of Lexchang, ends to the juncture of Qujiangzhang and Qingyuan by way of five counties (total 17 towns):Lechang, Ruyuan, Wu Jiang, Zhen Jiang, Qujiang. The length of the project is about 163.7 kilometers, its main line is constructed according to two-way six-lane expressway standard, the south& north connecting line of Shao-Gan according to two-way four-lane expressway standard.