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Chengdu Joint-Wit Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

In order to meet the requirements of waterproof & moistureproof in production workshop of ZhongHui pharmaceutical Co., LTD , meanwhile giving consideration to neat exterior of walls, we recommend they use KNZD - 06 emergency call and get high degree evaluation for this item.
Chengdu Joint-Wit Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the core subsidiary of the listed company Sichuan Joint-Wit Medical & Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd (Stock Code: 000809). Its main businesses are the development, manufacturing and sales of Chinese patent medicines, Western medicines, health foods and herbal extracts, etc.
    Our company is located at No. 30 Shuxi Rd. Chengdu. We own modern distilling production line and production lines of capsules, troche, granule and oral liquid, all these production lines have obtained the national GMP certification. The designed annual production capacities are: 75,000,000 pieces of capsule, 250,000,000 pieces of troche, 54,000,000 pieces of granules and 30,000,000 pieces of oral liquid.
    For the purpose of enhancing the competitiveness of our products, our company has invested large quantity of capital to establish the Chengdu Joint-Wit Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Medicine Research Institute. The research institute mainly undertakes hi-tech health foods and biological products, guaranteeing there are new products put into market every year.
    Our company complies with the principle of “Health is the foundation of tomorrow. Hope exists when health is maintained”, sincerely dedicated into the exploration and research of modernization and internationalization of Chinese traditional medicine, and the career of healthcare.