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The Hongkong technology’s part of project performance from 2012-2-3

The Hongkong technology’s part of project performance from  2012-2-3                                                 
Anhui dongzhi rural cooperative Banks     KNZD-04       bank telephone                                                
Guangfa bank, nantong branch            KNZD-27               bank telephone 
The bank of China,jiaozuo branch        KNZD-23        bank telephone                                          
Huaxia bank, baoding branch             KNZD-04       bank telephone                                                
The bank of China, kunming branch       KNZD-23        bank telephone                                               
Industry and commerce bank, yinchuan branch     KNZD-04     bank telephone                                                
Jiangsu bank,taizhou branch                 KNZD-04        bank telephone                                                
The postal savings bank, wuhan branch        KNZD-27        bank telephone                                                
Bohai bank ,chengdu branch                KNZD-22        bank telephone                                          
Shunde agriculture bank                  KNZD-27          bank hotline telephone                                     
Anhui chizhou jiuhua rural commercial bank      KNZD-04       bank hotline                                   
Longyan rural commercial bank              KNZD- B          bank hotline                                                
Everbright bank,guangzhou branch           KNZD- B           bank hotline                                               
Guangdong development bank ,zhaoqing branch      KNZD-05    bank hotline                                    
Haikou agriculture bank                     KNZD-22         bank hotline                                   
Hainan Sanya agricultural bank         KNZD-23             bank hotline                                      
Xinhua life-hebei insurance company  KNZD-27               customer service telephone                                
Changchun citic bank                 KNZD-04            bank hotline                                               
Other projects                                               
Beijing film academy                     KNZD-27            public telephone                                         
Xi'an railway station                      KNZD-13           emergency telephone                                    
Changsha cigarette factories        KNZD06, KNZD-11      IP stainless steel emergency calls                            
Jiaxing minghui automobile parts Co., LTD   KNZD-09   emergency for KNSP-08 of noise amplification telephone                                                
IBM (China Shanghai) branch     KNZD-20    IP camera phones KNZD-09 IP telephone call         
Oil and natural gas   ,          KNSP-01      waterproof outdoor telephone 
Guangdong Mechanical and electronic import & export company  KNEM-22   
outdoor solar emergency call system and telephone terminal            
Yichang zhongfu chemical Co., LTD.       KNSP-08       noise amplification telephone                     
Shanghai waigaoqiao shipbuilding Co., LTD     KNZD-20    
 IP camera phones KNSP08-L sound and light phone 
Marine emergency call system management                        
Taizhou sanfu shipyard            KNZD-04 KNZD-14       scheduling telephone
Guangxi nanning xi morning advertising limited public company    KNZD-14         
customer self-service telephone                  
henhua group-Yongcheng thermal power company  KNSP-08  noise amplification telephone                                 
Southern power grid,guangzhou company    KNZD-09  waterproof outdoor wireless emergency dispatch phone,  KNSP-01 pillar type waterproof outdoor phone           
Hunan hunan electric group company    KNZD-09   
outdoor sound amplification emergency telephone, KNSP-08 sound amplification phone                            
Fushun electricity bureau    KNSP-01     waterproof outdoor telephone                         
Guangdong nuclear power group company    KNZD-09    
 solar outdoor capital construction phone IP camera phones                                                
Huaibei new source thermal power Co., LTD ,
jin Yang power plant     KNSP-08-L     sound and light telephone                                
Fangcheng nuclear power plants    KNZD-09        A solar GSM wireless telephone                           
Dandong peace bay           KNZD-06           elevator telephone power plant                      
Zunyi coal-fired power plants         KNSP-08        antinoise emergency dispatch phone                 
The daya bay nuclear power station     KNZD-09    wireless solar emergency dispatch phone         
Scenic spot for help                                       
Shanghai international horticultural expo garden   KNSP-01   waterproof outdoor phone         
Metallurgical miningQingyuan yangshan baoxinmining Co., LTD  KNSP-01waterproof dustproof phone                  
Anhui develop mining Co., LTD    KNSP-01, KNZD-27     waterproof dustproof phone        
Yunan copper mining Co., LTD     KNSP-01    waterproof dustproof phone KNSP08-L sound
and light telephone                                   
Tibet mining Co., LTD           KNSP-01     waterproof dustproof phone ,
KNSP08-L sound and light telephone                              
The Beijing urban construction fourth company   KNZD-06,KNZD03   elevator calls  emergency call                                              
We have got good results in the Germany exhibition,and
Many Europen famous agents are all hoping to be the sole agent of our products.
Our domestic businesses are also prosperous
Hereby ,I want to give me gratitude to all agents and engineers for your support and also to our terminal user's trust and support .                                      
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