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The Hongkong technology’s part of project performance from-Bank services phone

The Hongkong technology’s part of project performance                                               
Anhui dongzhi rural cooperative Banks     KNZD-04       bank telephone                                                
Guangfa bank, nantong branch            KNZD-27               bank telephone 
The bank of China,jiaozuo branch        KNZD-23        bank telephone                                          
Huaxia bank, baoding branch             KNZD-04       bank telephone                                                
The bank of China, kunming branch       KNZD-23        bank telephone                                               
Industry and commerce bank, yinchuan branch     KNZD-04     bank telephone                                                
Jiangsu bank,taizhou branch                 KNZD-04        bank telephone                                                
The postal savings bank, wuhan branch        KNZD-27        bank telephone                                                
Bohai bank ,chengdu branch                KNZD-22        bank telephone                                          
Shunde agriculture bank                  KNZD-27          bank hotline telephone                                     
Anhui chizhou jiuhua rural commercial bank      KNZD-04       bank hotline                                   
Longyan rural commercial bank              KNZD- B          bank hotline                                                
Everbright bank,guangzhou branch           KNZD- B           bank hotline                                               
Guangdong development bank ,zhaoqing branch      KNZD-05    bank hotline                                    
Haikou agriculture bank                     KNZD-22         bank hotline                                   
Hainan Sanya agricultural bank         KNZD-23             bank hotline                                      
Xinhua life-hebei insurance company  KNZD-27               customer service telephone                                
Changchun citic bank                 KNZD-04            bank hotline