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Telephone for prison

Our Prison Telephone In Peruvian

The Peruvian prison, a Peruvian government agency that is mainly used to imprison controlled criminals and suspects, is part of the Peruvian Ministry of Justice. Located in Lima, Peru, Luli Anche prison is home to about 7,000 prisoners and is the most crowded prison in Peru. In addition to prison overcrowding, prisoners have poor medical conditions and are often considered to be one of the worst prisons in South America. In order to improve the facilities of the prison, improve the safety of the prison and strengthen the management of the prison. A complete and effective communication system is essential.

In order to strengthen management and respond to emergencies, Peruvian prisons will install a large number of emergency walkie-talkies in prisons. Some telephones that can communicate externally are also essential. In order to reduce the cost of the telephone system, the use of ip telephones is very reasonable as communication, the installation cost is low, and the call is free. Our company, the ip phone with a metal button provided by the Peruvian government with a stainless steel casing, serves as a communication device for the prison.

Product Name Product Photo Product Model Supplying Time
The ip telephone for prison
KNZD-27 2018-08

Stainless steel emergency phone KNZD-27, IP version, easy to install, free to call. Metal case, anti-violence and long service life. In the phone button, there are multiple sets of speed dial buttons that can be set to facilitate emergency situations and quickly ask the prison guard for help.

our prison telephone in peruvian our prison telephone in peruvian our prison telephone in peruvian our prison telephone in peruvian

"A very good phone, sturdy and user-friendly design has greatly improved the living conditions of the prison and consolidated the stability of the prison." --------Prison staff