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Telephone for Prison

IP Telephone for Uganda Prison

The Republic of Uganda is referred to as Uganda. This is a country in eastern Africa that spans the equator. Uganda Prison, which aims to provide human rights-based correctional services in Africa, provides safe, reliable and humane custody for criminals while placing human rights in correctional programs.
In order to improve the safety factor of Uganda prison and cope with the security situation, Uganda prison is purchasing a large number of ip phones from our company. Install the ip phone in the meeting room to strengthen communication between the offender and the family. Greatly improve the living conditions of criminals, use family, family to jointly educate prisoners.
This time, the Uganda prison used an ip phone, and we provided an ip communication solution for Uganda prison customization. The whole system uses network communication, the signal is stable, and the communication quality is good. We provide a complete set of prison intercom system solutions with confidentiality, monitoring, free calls, anti-violence and anti-destructive features.

Our prison telephone is very good .

the ip telephone for prison
Product Name Product Photo Product Model Supplying Time
The ip telephone for prison KNZD-28 2018-05
our prison telephone Live picture in Uganda
ip telephone in prison
ip telephone in prison
ip telephone in prison
"This is the best phone we have used, using ip phone, good quality, free, and it provides great convenience for our prison work." ------ A prison staff member.