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KNTECH's Telephone in UK Network Rail

As the leader of the second industrial revolution, the UK has been in the lead in the development of the railway network. The British Railways were formed more than 100 years ago, and the railway construction reached its climax in the 1950s. In 1880, the main route of the British Railway was basically completed. In 1928, the scale of the railway reached a record high of 32,565 kilometers.

Due to the long construction time of the British railway and its long history, with the rapid development of modern science and technology, many railways in the UK need to be upgraded and upgraded. Since 2009, the British government has begun to upgrade and upgrade its important lines and its main trunk lines, including lines, bridges, traction power supply systems and communications equipment. In order to improve the communication quality and management efficiency of the railway, the person in charge of the railway purchased a large number of ip waterproof phones from our company and placed them on the track.

Product Name Product Photo Product Model Supplying Time
Waterproof telephone

KNSP-01 2018-07
Reilway telephone

KNSP-03 2018-07
Emergency intercom

KNZD-11 2018-07

Waterproof phone KNSP-01 and KNSP-03 .VOIP version, communication quality is stable, and the call is completely free. The stainless steel intercom KNZD-11 is embedded in the wall and is not easy to damage, and the communication quality is good.

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"The excellent product quality is very suitable for the procurement requirements of communication equipment for the British railway reconstruction project." ----Purchasing personnel for railway equipment