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Company News

West-East natural gas transmission project

Communication terminal provided by our company for domestic West-East gas transmission project has successfully passed examination.
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Tianjin airport project

Emergency telephone provided by our company has been successfully accepted.
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Chongqing metro line 3

Our company cooperating with Fenghuo Communication Company provided interval telephone terminals for Chongqing metro line 3.
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NIG Azelik uranium mine Co.

The KNSP-01 waterproof phones application for the project of NIG Azelik Uranium Mine have finished the production and inspection.
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The project of Mexico Subway

The waterproof and dustproof telephone KNSP-01 of Mexico Subway have completely produced, successfully checked and accepted.
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Sign the contract for Chongqin Metro

On June 10, FiberHome Technologies inspect our company and they are very satisfied. We signed the contract of line 3 following that of Chongqin line 1.
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