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what is IP pbx and how it works?

Ippbx is a distributed enterprise voice switching platform that uses gateway technology to packetize voice and apply packet switching mechanism to transmit voice over IP network. It can complete all or part of functions of traditional PBX voice service. Such as: internal direct dialing, caller identification, call forwarding, outgoing call restriction, DND, call waiting, conference call, speed dial, voice mail, automatic switchboard, IVR voice interaction, etc.

the ip pbx setup
Composition of ippbx: media server, gateway and voice terminal.
Ippbx is an IP-based company telephone system, and there are similar IPPBX or IP-PBX writing methods. This system can completely integrate voice communication into the company's data network, thereby establishing a unified voice and data network that can connect office locations and employees around the world.
The most notable feature of ippbx is to become an integrated communication system. It can provide users with multiple communication methods such as voice, fax, data and video through a telecommunications network and the Internet, and only requires a single device. It is also possible to establish small and medium-sized call centers at low cost. By fully combining with the network hardware and software, the work efficiency is improved and the communication cost is saved (saving time and saving money).
The job of ippbx is to handle connection requests from the network, complete the establishment and termination of sessions, directory queries, routing of voice communications and other related work. In a distributed IP voice system, the media server is the heart of the entire system; in the media The software in the server is the core, completely relying on the software to realize business functions.

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