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What is difference between pbx and ip pbx?

 ip pbx server

1. Different exchange technologies

Compared with traditional PBX based circuit switching, PPBX

The biggest difference is the use of packet switching in the transport layer.

Broadband usage will be higher.

2. Different transmission methods

Traditional PBXs use physical physical channels and require a proprietary network.

Line construction, while IPPBX uses IP channels to carry

Some networks transmit.

3.Different protocols

The interfaces used by traditional PBXs are E1 interfaces and loop relay interfaces.

Agreements include Letter No. 1, Letter No. 7, PRI Letter, and PSTN User Letter. and

The IP PBX is based on the IP bearer mode and adopts IP mode to support SIP, H.323,

H.248 (improved from earlier MGCP) protocol.

4.Advantages of IP PBX over PBX

(1) Unified telephone network and computer network as a whole. Except for being traditional.

In addition to providing services to telephone users, it can also provide services to Internet users conveniently;

Adopting WEB interface management makes it easier to use, configure and maintain.

(2) It is more convenient and easy to implement value-added services, and the functions are more powerful and integrated

High, single system can be completed using traditional PBX requires many additional equipment

Functions that can be completed, such as the automatic attendant console, voicemail, and so on.

(3), IPPBX adopts IP bearer, which is very convenient to implement remote networking and construction

The advantages of low cost and low maintenance cost, for the enterprise, can save a lot of

The cost of the call is very high compared to the PBX.

(4) Soft terminal is the biggest experience difference between IP PBX and PBX, based on IP network

On the basis of having a telephone function, the soft terminal has added personal assistants, CRM,

File transfer, SMS, etc. are very applicable functions, but PBX cannot.

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