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School Intercom System

The school intercom system provides a complete system of outdoor and indoor emergency communication and broadcasting functions.It can realize two-way voice communication between the school and the classroom and the monitoring room, which is convenient and quick to use one-touch call.

School Intercom System Brief

KNTECH’s School Intercom System offers a simple, cost-effective way to incorporate a wireless two-way communication system with intercom stations throughout the school and surrounding area.Wireless Intercom System for Two-Way voice Intercom and broadcast notifications. We can provide voice call and broadcast functions for the campus security system, and promptly issue notifications and instructions in case of emergency.
Enhance campus security by pressing an emergency button on the emergency intercom.
As a intercom solution, this school intercom system offers easy installation and expansion at any single or multi-building school.The school intercom system we provide can provide an accompanying broadcast system. Using sip speakers to access the communication network, the cost is low, and the system stability is high.
All of our intercom terminals are in compliance with the international sip agreement. With our intercom terminal, you can be compatible with other international brands of communication equipment.

The KNTECH product portfolio includes a variety of Wideband SIP Voice speakers (wall / ceiling / horn), paging adapters, strobe lights and push buttons.

The entire school intercom system can be equipped with a certain number of ip intercoms in a certain area as needed, and equipped with a certain power amplifier for each ip walkie-talkie. Each amplifier is equipped with a certain number of sip speakers according to the transmission distance.

How does the intercom system work?

The school intercom system communicates based on the voip network. The terminal uses a voip school intercom. A voip desk phone is set up in the duty city, and a dispatch desk is set up in the control center. Students can seek help in the terminal voip intercom and automatically connect to the duty room. If the duty room is not connected, they will be automatically transferred to the control center. With the school pa system, they can better respond to emergencies in the school.

The KNTECH team

We have a team of leading communication experts, we can customize the school intercom communication solution according to your needs.KNTECH works with schools and school districts all over the world. We have provided different intercom systems for all types of campuses, from primary school campuses to university campuses.We offer IP based, Wireless and Analog solutions.

School intercom systems, Unique function

The main features of our intercom system include:
Emergency intercom
Group call
Regional broadcast

As communication

Our school intercom system uses ip pbx technology to build systems.

Use as ringtone

A school intercoom system helps in many different ways.It can use the broadcast system as a bell schedule.In terms of ringtone selection, you can choose the ringtone that comes with the system, or you can add a recording file to play.

Classroom Communications

Students and teachers can use the intercom in the classroom to communicate with the teacher's office or the campus duty room.

Emergency broadcast

In the event of an emergency, the duty room can make a correct indication by broadcasting through the school intercom system.The broadcast function of the school intercom system greatly enhances the safety of the school.

Sip Speakers

The speaker system consists of 2 different speakers.  It is very easy to size the speakers to the room where the audio coverage is needed. In some areas you may need multiple speakers to cover the area.Our sip speaker uses poe to power and connect to the communication network for easy installation.

School intercom system composition

school intercom system

The whole intercom system adopts ip network communication. The school intercom is based on the ip protocol. The column-type broadcast column is powered by POE and connected by fiber optic cable. The communication quality is good and stable. The system uses ip pbx system, which is hosted by sip server. In the operator workstation, it can be answered by ip phone and broadcast by window intercom.

How do school intercom system work

The school intercom system provides a simple and economical way to combine classroom intercom and outdoor help-seeking intercommunication to achieve unified management, greatly improving efficiency. First, the broadcast function of the school intercom system is introduced. The column-type column is powered by POE and is connected to the entire ip pbx telephone system. When the duty room needs to broadcast, the operator only needs to use the broadcast function of the operator's workbench using ip pbx system, click the broadcast in ip pbx software, and use the window intercom to broadcast. Secondly, introduce the emergency communication function of the school intercom system. The school walkie-talkie uses fiber optic lines for long-distance transmission, and then uses the fiber-optic converter to use the RJ45 line to pass the switch, registering all ip walkie-talkies to the sip server. When the student uses the school intercom, the signal is immediately transmitted to the duty room.

School intercom system functions:

      • LAN intuitive system configuration software

       Ip walkie talkie gui functional configuration interface

       Operating software web graphical interface, easy to operate

       Support online upgrade

       Automatic logging of operations and system logs

       Support walkie-talkie fault detection and alarm

       Use ip network communication to achieve free communication

       Open system architecture and network

       Scalable, personalizable

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