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KNPA5 Serverless Page system in onshore Oil Platform

Serverless calling system PA5,application for marine oil platform,land recovery wells,subway tunnel,shield machine,steel Plant,nuclear power plant,metallurgical chemical industry, oil refinery, harbor bridge, shipyard, thermal power plant,highway, urban utility tunnel and other projects.It completely contained with waterproof,dust-proof,antu-wletromagnetic interference,noise-resistant,weather-resistant.It passed the certifications for IP66,CE,FCC,EMC EN50121,TUV,IEC,ATEX.

KNPA5 no host call system wiring diagram:

Diagram:Serverless Page/Party system

Serverless calling system characteristics
1,The system uses parallel line connection , it connect 2-199 phones with eight pair of twists pair (0.5-0.8 mm² wire diameter squared). 6 groups of 12 internal calls can work at the same time, and there is a spare line can be connected to outside line;
2,The sysytem can be customed and modified according to customer’s requirements.
3,Command scheduling function: single call, group call, plug call, generation of pick up, monitor listening, busy line indicator, order call, partition call instructions and other operation, it can be contacted with the outside world by PBX
4,Radio function: contains radio, propaganda, environmental monitoring, and other functions
5, Control terminal can display the contents of the telephone terminal failure in time;
6, Multi-channel dry contact combined with fire protection system
7, Backup mode:there is a back-up power ,when terminal failure, it will switch to the backup mode of terminal, achieve the above functions.The system can work for 2 hours when power failure.
8,Support customize loudspeakers, flash, anti-noise telephone booth, telephone pillar etc, according to customer's demand.


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