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Public Address System


Multi-Party Paging System PA2-KNZD-14

Two-way, multi-party communication
Wall mount, desktop, and panel mount models                                                          
Indoor, outdoor and hazardous location models
Each station available in 24VDC and 220VAC/110VAC 
Distance Maximum to 4KM
Analogue system auto answer and auto stop


The “Multi-Party Talk” Paging system is designed for communication in industrial environments where high noise, corrosive atmospheres, hazardous areas and extremes of temperature, dust and humidity create hostile environments.
The “Multi-Party Talk” system allows operators to both broadcast instructions over the system speakers and hold conversation with two or more people.

To initiate communication or broadcast over the system, the operator at one of the station lifts the handset from the cradle, presses the push-to-page button located beside handset and speaks into the microphone. All there station ringing and auto-answer. All the other user at all other station can joins the conversation by lifts the handset and speaking into the handset. The system allow all party simultaneous conversation without cross-talk or interference. After conversation each station will auto off to release the line.
Junction box: 220VAC/110VAC and built-in battery back 2 hours
Telephone station: line powered from Junction box.


Popular applications include elevator, power plants, TBM machine, security room, metal processing plants, mining operations, paper mills, offshore platforms, water treatment plants, and manufacturing, packaging, and processing plants.
Wire requirements:
One cable built in 2 Pair cable: 1 pair for power supply and 1 pair for conversation transmission.
Power supply:
Available in 24VDC and 220VAC/110VAC
Built-in rechargeable battery 12V for 2 hours back-up.   

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