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Help phone system we provided make Guangzhou Asian games more brilliant

During the Asian Games in Guangzhou,we provides emergency customer service calls and passengers help system to the Guangzhou Metro Corporation which give passengers greatly facilitates finish many tasks successfully.
Currently, our company is the major telephone products supplier of the Guangzhou Metro Corporation: line 2, line 3, line 4, line 5, line8, Guangfo line. We have provided the best service to Airports, North extension line of Airport and urban rail. Our emergency call system and passengers help system can provide monitoring of remote assistance system and the transfer and mobility of timely language dynamic image.

We are the only company in Asian who can provide remote back office systems so far .There are only three companies can provide back office systems in the world. The other two companies are in Europe and America. We have successfully used such programs to electric power remote control and language dynamic image transmission, and remote field work to mobilize substations and power plants. And widely application for the tourism area, Forest Park, zoo visitors and customers to monitor the dynamic mobility Image remotely.