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Sutong bridge project

Sutong Bridge, located between Suzhou city and Nantong city in Jiangsu province, is a key project of national highway --Shenyang to Haikou across the river channel planed by the Ministry of Communications with total investment of approximately 6.45 billion. It is 32.4 kilometers long and approximately 8.2 kilometers crossing river. The whole bridge adopts two-way six lanes highway standard, the main is the towers cable-stayed bridge crossing 1088 meters, the height of bridge tower is 300.4 meters. The large scale of Sutong Bridge is the construction engineering with independent intellectual property rights, engineering staffs conquered a series of international technical problems in the process of construction and create the bridge with the biggest main span, the deepest foundation, the highest bridge tower, the longest lasso in the world.
We are very pleased to have the opportunity of making an effort for the construction of Sutong Bridge. The emergency telephones, construction under the bridge, the maintenance of special phones of Sutong Bridge all are provided by our company; both the owner and the construction spoke highly of our telephone.