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Our wireless intercom through FCC certification

On May 20, 2019, our wireless intercom KNZD-45A GSM passed the US FCC certification. FCC certification covers more than 50 states, Colombia, and the United States, to ensure the safety of radio and wire communication products related to life and property. This certification is the highest standard for radio product testing.Our wireless intercom complies with part 15 of the FCC rules.Operation is subject to the following tow conditions(1)this device may not cause harmful interference,and(2)this device must accept any interfernce received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

our wireless door intercom and FCC certification
The KNZD-45A GSM 4G wireless phone is powered by an external power adapter, DC12V 1A, and a built-in Li battery, 8.4 V 6Ah. The AVR control chip sends the relevant AT instructions to the GSM wireless module through the speed dial button,and realizes the control of dialing, off-hook or hanging-up, speech processing and remote decoding.
When a call comes in, KNZD-45A GSM gets the incoming call information from the GSM wireless module. The AVR control chip controls the ring chip to power the ring chip and enable the built-in small power amplifier to ring the KNZD-45A GMS radiotelephone. After pressing the panel button, the AVR control chip sends the AT instruction to the GSM wireless module,carries on the speech processing, realizes the call function.
Dial the phone, pick up the handset, the AVR control chip detection panel button, when pressing the speed dial button on the panel, you can dial the other phone number by one button. When the other party answered, the realization of the call function.
Speed dial number users can change local or remote settings:
local settings change, you need to open the shell, press the only one tap switch button on the motherboard, and then according to the operation instructions to enter the corresponding key information. After the machine reports the decoding
information, perform the corresponding settings and save.
remote settings change,After the remote phone calls in, the remote phone enters the corresponding keys according to the operating instructions. After the remote phone reports the decoding information, it performs the corresponding settings
and saves.