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KNZD-17 for metro station emergency call

KNZD-17 for metro station emergency call

Product Name:
Product model:
Koontech KNZD-17
SUS304 OR SUS316

Main features
Main bady with whole stainless steel 304 body .solid and temperature bearable
Handset free loudspeaker,
resume lighting proof protection automatically
standard to ITU-T K-21 
support hotlina call, can realize ring off automatically if the 
other side close.
Totally adopt SMTC craftwork keep very good 
quality. The design is super thin and smart.Embed style and hanging style can be chosen.
Every call is limited (set by five minutes),auto ring off if time exceeded.(Optional)
With built in induction loop for hearing disability

OPerting Instructions
Make a call:Press the calling button, the phone will automatically dial to the control center .If the control center hangds up firstly,the phone will hangs up automaically after the conversation is funished.
When the phone rings,the phone can setting up as automatic answering.

Built-in induction loop:
An induction loop system has been provided to assist hearing aid users.
Please switch your hearing aid to the position
supply voltage :12vDC

packing details:
Unti site:700*235*45(mm) 
2units in outer CTN, size:785*305*190(mm)
Packing material: Pearl wool,carton
Grodss wetght:6.1KG Netweight:5.5KG