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A Golden Era of Independent Power Plant in Indonesia

Private power generation in Indonesia has never been more attractive before. Private power developers or so called 'Independent Power Producer' (IPP) contributed fifty-two thousand GWh in 2013, growing 9 percent annually by average since 2009. However, this pace is predicted to grow above 10 percent for the next decade, knowing only 84 percent of the people in Indonesia has access to electricity. 

With even larger support from newly-elected president Joko Widodo, power developers now are facing a golden era. A new program to procure new power plants as much as 35,000 MW capacity has been launched. The opportunities are evident eventhough some challenges remain in the place. Some areas of power sector that never been tapped are also being unfolded. New kind of power plant such as nuclear is being discussed by the ministry, waiting for approval to be built. Meanwhile existing energy sources such coal, gas, solar, geothermal and hydro will get even larger attention from the government, looking for new way to be expanded. 

As one of vital player in the nation's electricity sector, Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Indonesia hasn't yet contributing optimally to current power supply. Given limited PLN ability to build new power plants, the company expects IPP could deliver 70 percent of new power additional capacity in 2016. 

Product Name:
Koontech Telephone Noise Reducing Roof
Product model:
Koontech RF-16
GRP (Glass reinforced plastic)

Acoustic telephone hood


Main features:
Designed for use in noisy areas and harsh environments
Extremely robust
Good acoustic qualities and highly visible
High visibility yellow paint finish
23dB noise reduction
Popular in noisy factories such as newspaper print rooms.
hardy hole install

Specifications :
Colour: Yellow 
Noise reduction up to 23dB.
Dimensions: H690mm W690mm D610mm 
Weight -Approx 20Kg 
Acoustic Insulation -50mm Tissue faced non hygroscopic Rockwool (RW3) density 60kg/m3 
Insulation Liner -White Perforated Polypropylene 3mm thickness 
Boxed Dimensions -980 x 800 x 680mm 
Boxed Weight -Approx 26kg 
Telephone hood layout:


Reference Photo:

 Factory photo: