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How to prepare for a Telephone Interview

Telephone interviews are a great way for companies to reduce costs and save time to sort through a stack of possible candidates. They are very often used as the second line of screening after resume selection. Phone interviews benefit the company, but can also be of great value to the candidate. This is your time to shine!


What is a telephone interview? It’s basically the first stage of the selection process. It assesses whether you have the basic skills, qualities and attributes that they are looking for. It confirms to the hiring manager that you match the job description and that you may be the right fit for the position. It can also be a way of taking you off the list of potentials should you not come across as genuine, purposeful and experienced.


Prepare for the phone interview. You must prepare for a telephone call or interview from a prospective employer just as you would an in-person interview. Be serious about this and put some time and thought into your answers long before the phone rings. Companies can quickly scan candidates during a phone screen and take you off the list for possible employment should you not spend the time to properly prepare. Come up with a list of possible questions an interviewer may ask you and have the answers ready. Since it’s a phone interview, you may have paper and pen in front of you, so write down some bulleted strong points about your experience.


Get a copy of the job description.   The job description is the best way to develop a list of possible interview questions. Once you have the job description, take each point and think of sample questions the manager may ask. Correspondingly, make a list of examples of your experience that fits each bullet in the job description.


Research the company. It is very important to spend some time to research the company you are applying to join. Look up the company website, read the mission and vision statements and learn them. You’ll need to know number of employees and locations and read recent news about the company. Your knowledge about the company will make you look good to the employer. It shows them that you are really interested in the position and diligent in your job search.


Print out your resume. Keep your resume, the job description and a note pad ready during the interview. When the hiring manager calls, immediately write down his/her name on the note pad along with any questions you may have during the interview. It’s also a good idea to write your interview questions down, as these may also be asked during an in-person interview.


Interview time and location. Telephone interviews offer you the flexibility of time of location. Make sure you are in a quiet spot with great reception if using a cell phone. You’ll want no distractions during the interview, so put the barking dogs up and have someone sit the kids.


Answering the phone. This may be self-explanatory, but change your voicemail to something professional if you are job searching. You’ll also want to answer the phone in a very professional manner. Very often companies may use blocked numbers while calling you, so make sure that you answer the phone appropriately.


Final thoughts. Keep your telephone interview very professional. Treat is exactly as you would an in-person interview. Come up with a potential list of questions and have your answers ready. Write down a bulleted list of your strengths that correspond to the job description and have it ready with a copy of your resume during the call. Use the company name several times during the interview to show interest and always be positive and upbeat. Don’t become overly familiar with the interviewer and ask personal questions about his/her family or vacation plans nor talk about your personal matters. Keep it professional at all times and get that face-to-face interview scheduled.

Product Name:
KOONTECH Outdoor Telephones
Product model:

  KOONTECH KNSP-22 is a type of economical and waterproof, moisture proof dust proof telephone .
  It’s apply to highway, tunnels, power plants, gas stations, mines, docks, steel companies, large-scale projects for waterproof, Moisture proof, dust proof and other environments which have special requirements. It is very cost-effective products for the owners and construction. It can operate stably at 24V-60V voltage. ringer sound is also higher than the national standard. The telephone can multiple connection to share a same number with other terminals to save a lot of resources for construction units and owners. 



1. KNSP-22 Product Features.
 1. Shell: PC material with high strength and elasticity, wide high impact strength, wide service temperature.
 2. Hook: stainless steel, using magnetic induction hang up, don’t need hook switch, no contact gaps.
 3 . Buttons: metal buttons, abrasion-proof and anti aging. (Can be customized back lit keyboard)
 4.Display: This model is IP version supports Caller ID or IP address of the display. (Can be customized according to standard GSM CDMA, etc.)
 5.Handset: special ABS, / PC synthesis, integrated structure, good sealing, resistance to knock ,twisted pull no deformation, doesn’t burst at -35 centigrade.
 6. Wire: using Teflon wire, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature, anti-aging, do not catch fire.
 7. Waterproof glue : imported waterproof glue, high viscosity, high temperature resistance, high pressure, waterproof life more than 10 years.
 8. Transmitter and receiver of handset ,keyboard, buzzer,circuit board ,shell , all accessories use multi-layer waterproof and dust-proof structure. It has three-level waterproof, dust proof functions, the whole rating reach to IP66.
 9. Telephone is very stability, strong anti-jamming capability, In line with the national standard GB / T 15279-94.

2. The operation uses
 1. The way of pick up/ hang up: handset control : when you pick up handset telephone will put through. When you hang up, the telephone will disconnect.  
2. Answer the phone: When a call come in, the phone will ring. Picking up the handset and you can talk each other, After the call to hang back handset.
 3. Call: pick up the handset , according to the way of ordinary telephone to dial and talk with each other.
 4. Store number: pick up the handset and press the "Save" key, press the number that you want ; Press the Save again .  press the "0-9"  one of button to store the number as an address, at last hang up the phone . (This feature needs 16 keyboard support)

5. Extract number: Pick up the handset, press the "Extract" button, press "0-9" one of button to dial the memory number. (This feature needs 16 keyboard support)
3. The main technical parameters
 1. It’s suitable for a variety of feed voltage PBX switches and dispatch and scheduling of the switching system 24-48V.
 2. Temperature: -35 ℃ ~ 75 ℃,Relative Humidity: 10% to 95% Atmospheric pressure: 86 ~ 106 Kpa, Ambient noise: ≤70dB (A).
 3. Ringing level: ≥75dB.
 4. When the user is 3KM line signal level standard frequency: low frequency group: 697-941Hz high frequency group: 1209-1477Hz
Frequency Offset: less than ± 1.5% of the combined signal of high-frequency level difference: 2 ± 1dB by the total harmonic distortion caused by intermodulation at least lower than the basic level of 20dB.
 5. Call transfer indicators: SLR≤12, RLR≤-1, STMR≥10, output impedance: 600Ω.
 6. 12 groups with superior storage memory dialing numbers (each number up to 16).
 7. 0.8mm cable core wire, subscriber line can be 7 KM
 8. Can operate stably at 24 V-60V of voltage. Ringer sound is also higher than the national standard,The telephone can join together and use a same number so save a lot of resources for construction units and owners. . Please contact customer service person and engineers.