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Winning Dutch shipyard hundreds of sets of sound and light alarm!

This technology is currently fill the gaps. We have had only HK koontech master.
This alarm is using the telephone line connection, 24V - 60V switch provides remote power supply connected to the mains without this technology, sound and light can have a pair of 10W .100 dB friends ringing sound and light technology is currently one of the fill... blank temporary koon Technology also only our grasp.
Made into a 10 w IP speakers or intercom station. This can be highly customized for you to cover the needs of any Voip intercom module.
Security industry is the most complained about by the surrounding sound effect audio so that the audio is even worse not provide a more secure environment, due to the lack of communication leads to poor critical errors and efficiency. However, our SIP Speaker HD audio quality A4 offers indoor and outdoor, for example, can be used for taxi, bus station or stations, telephone booths highways, railways, metro, ATM machines side, tunnels, ports, docks, mines and other a series of facilities of communication solutions. In addition, in order to provide the audio quality, it also has the initiative to reduce the noise and a 10W D class amplifier functions.