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New ship orders of China ship enterprises in May ranked the the first in the world

      According to Carat eriksson data statistics, the global new ship orders of the past five months totalled 40.67 million deadweight tons, which rose by 70% compared with last year. Among which the new order of 4.04 million deadweight tons. china shipyard got amounted to 1.098 billion us dollars, quarter-on-quarter increased by 73%, exceeded Korean to rank the first in the globe. Korea shipyard received 2.39 million deadweight tons order totalled 1.269 billion, japan shipyard received an order of452 million us dollars totalled 730 thousand deadweight tons.
      The data displays that the container ship in May had an outstanding performance, whether it is calculated at deadweight ton or standard container, the order quantity of new ship has set a new high since July 2011. Since 2013, the total order of container ship has reached 597 thousand TEU, which is 1.4 times the total order of 2012 whole year. Industry insiders indicate that, the main factors affecting container ship transactions increase are that the ship price is on the low side, the performance of  energy conservation and environmental protection is excellent, it is easier than other ships to sign long-term contract for rent. Take the price of new ship for example, in 2013, the minimum value of 8600-9100 TEU container ship is 76.5 million us dollars, decreased by 60.5 million us dollars compared with the maximum value of 137 million in 2008., the range is 40%. Forming considerable temptation to ship owners.
      The statistics show that , in the last week of May, the price of capesize bulk carrier(ship type, shipyard, business) is 4800 us dollars. Rose by 3 million us dollars compared with the lowest price since 2013. Meanwhile, the price of Panamax bulk carrier ,aframac tanker( ship type, shipyard, business) has grown to different degrees compared to last week . A modest increase in price together with presently, the technology advantage in energy conservation and emission reduction of ship type may impel  part of the potential ship owners to be resolved to order new ship. More and more ship owners have realized that the ship price may be the lowest, the possibility of continuing to decline is slim, the present time is just a good time to order the new ship.
      The analysts indicate that the global shipping market is likely to get better in the next year or the year after the next year. The complete period of new ship buiding order is in about 2 years.  Great changes will take place in shipbuilding industry. The number of enterprises who endeavor to build ship may gradually increase .