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Project order in April 2012

The Hongkong technology’s part of project performance of 2012-4
Jiujiang bank, Guangzhou branch   KNZD22   bank telephone         
The bank of China, Xinxiang branch   KNZD-23   bank telephone     
Bohai bank      KNZD-23        bank telephone 
Hunan Changsha Construction Bank       KNZD-11      Bank telephone 
Etuoke Banner Xinya coke Co., Ltd    KNSP-08-L Noise amplification telephone
Liaoning Anshan concentrating mill       KNSP-08-L noise amplification telephone
Nanjing Military Region,Ningbo Warehouse KNZD-09A   outdoor wireless dispatch phone         
Lanzhou Military Region Xi’an 94170 Army KNZD-07-B      scheduling telephone
Xichang Satellite Launch Center KNZD-03, KNSP-08-L noise amplification telephone
Shenzhen urban management bureau, information Department KNEM-22 KNEM-23  Outdoor visitors relief telephone
Shenzhen Meilin Park KNZD-11          Outdoor visitors emergency telephone
Guangzhou urban management bureau, information Department  
KNZD-33MT LED   Safe city telephone
Guangzhou urban management bureau, information Department 
KNSP-01 KNSP-03       waterproof dustproof phone
Chongqing concentrating mill KNSP-01     Waterproof dustproof phone
Shandong Laiwu concentrating mill KNSP-08-L    Noise amplification telephone
Nanjing Xingye bank KNZD-27    bank telephone
People electric company KNSP-08-L noise amplification telephone
VANKE Co., Ltd, Shanghai branch KNEM-22            Outdoor visitors’ relief telephone
Beijing Yida Elevator Co., Ltd, KNZD-03        elevator calls emergency telephone
Guangzhou Biguiyuan KNZD-07-B         scheduling telephone
Zhejiang mobile company IC        KNZD-04-ICK      Campus IC card smart telephone
Beijing Daxing people's hospital    KNZD-15            the operating room clean telephone