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Shenzhen Metro Universiade Hub Project

Hong Kong Kunlun Technology provided the passenger help video intercom system for the above projects. This system redefines the technical level of passenger assistance telephone system. The system encryption algorithm is uniquely developed by the Kunlun Technology R&D team to ensure the security of the audio and video database. The system has powerful processing capabilities, with multi-channel two-way video intercom and simultaneous recording and video streaming to multi-path FTP cloud server backup.

The product series includes: multimedia control center IPPBX, dispatching station, platform visual help and assistance telephone, platform telephone, network management system, recording system, optical fiber transmission system, etc. OCC/BCC redundant backup, real-time heartbeat detection and fault reporting, anti-tamper alarm, built-in optical fiber transmission module, and the whole machine is waterproof to IP65. The system uses CLASS D high-quality sound calls and high-definition two-way video calls.

The platform recruitment phone has a built-in camera and an external 360-degree camera, which can view and play back MPEG4 video files from multiple angles. The video dispatch console with gooseneck microphone has the function of viewing the real-time video of multiple video phone sets at the same time.

Check the emergency situation according to the video of the help terminal at each station, and select the extension with the most urgent situation to make a two-way video call. The functions of IP PBX are even more powerful, including audio and video scheduling, manual or automatic broadcast, audio and video calls, conferences, group calls, group calls, transfers, monitoring, recording, etc. The functions are complete and exceed your needs.

Our professional technical team has more than 20 years of experience in delivering products and services to more than 150 countries and regions around the world. We have experience in delivering nearly a hundred world-class first-tier mega-city subway projects. Our factory has strong production support capabilities and is the best choice for your global projects. one's business Patner.