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Highway Roadside emergency call

Ashgabat-Turkmenabat Highway Call Box System

KNTECH VoIP Emergency Help Point Telephone System installed along Ashgabat-Turkmenabat Highway in TURKMENISTAN in 2021.

Construction of 600 km Ashgabat – Turkmenabad highway will considerably increase throughput capacity of road system of the country, quality and operation of logistic services, will expand international transport and transit infrastructure and trade and economic relations with neighbouring states located along the Silk Road.

KNTECH combine the VoIP telephone system with the IP PBX system and SNMP Unified network management system to form a powerful and stable emergency dispatch system. The system has the functions of broadcasting, queue, call transfer, forced release, monitoring, recording, self-check and map positioning. And the system can realize online remote management, upgrade, and configuration of all SIP terminal -- SOS stations.

turkmenabad highway call box system outdoor

turkmenabad highway call box outdoor