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KNTECH Engineers help Sydney Metro officially operate

In order to ensure the successful operation of the Sydney Metro, the Sydney Metro Engineering Bureau invited our company's advanced projects to assist in the commissioning of the subway passenger emergency intercom system.
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KNTECH Door phone Intercom system in Canada

Congratulations! KNTECH Door phone Intercom system has been install on Building in Canada.
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KNZD-09A emergency telephone with solar panel and rechargeable battery for highway roadside

This Emergency Telephone System ( ETS) provided on the expressway to service the needsand requirements of motorists. SOS telephones provide motorists with a method ofdirectly contacting motorway operators to get assistance or report incidents such as a crash or disabled vehicle. The aim of emergency telephones is to help decrease the timetaken to report incidents, resulting in earlier identification of remedial action and improved motorway safety, security and efficiency. The roadside telephones are able to work for at least one day under the power failure. This emergency help point telephones also support a software adjustable equalizer for setting a noise suppression feature for ambient noise.
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KNTECH KNZD-07A clean room telephone installed in Ireland pharmaceutical factory

KNTECH KNZD-07A clean room telephone installed in Ireland pharmaceutical factory This cleanroom telephone made of stainless steel material with high strength and elasticity, wide high impact strength, wide service temperature. The transmitter and receiver of handset, keyboard, buzzer, circuit board, shell, all accessories use multi-layer waterproof and dust-proof structure. This clean room phone has three-level waterproof, dust proof functions, the whole rating reach to IP55, suitable for pharmaceutical factory, cleanroom, hospital, chemical plant, etc, as it can wipe with IPA, medicinal liquid. We also have several models maybe can meet your needs, welcome to contact us for more information.
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KNTECH IP67 Weatherproof Telephone in Kings Dominion, USA

Our IP67 weatherproof telephone KNSP-01 installed in Kings Dominion, Virginia's Premier Themed Amusement Park. VoIP SIP 2.0 phone system is compatible with other equipment. Simple configuration on webpage to setup emergency hotline call. Its door cover design strengthens waterproof and dustproof. Heavy duty handset is with hearing aid compatible (HAC) receiver and robust armored cord cable. Temperature range from -40 degree to +70 degree. More product detail, welcome to contact us freely
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KNTECH Parkinglots Intercom System

We have had some great customer feedback on the Parkinglots Intercom System in HongKong and Singapore. KNTECH are delighted to be supporting the Parkinglots intercom system for E60 ParkingJet Station and installation carpark in HongKong Sai Kung and Singapore. This solutions suite provides scalability and flexibility that allows a carpark project to operate more effectively and ensure a higher return on investment.
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