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The help point was officially put into operation on Hangzhou Metro Line 7.

In order to ensure that Hangzhou Metro No. 7 is officially put into operation at the end of 2020, senior engineers of our company participated in the operation and commissioning of the subway to smoothly ensure the normal operation of the intercom system for passenger assistance.
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Highway call boxs are shipped on Malaysian highways

In 2020, Star Tech Distribution Sdn Bhd purchased a large number of highway emergency telephones from KNTECH.
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Window intercom for Korean Red Cross Medical Project

The window intercom adopts a special external intercom speaker microphone, which is equipped with a power amplifier and an external speaker in the entire window intercom system to realize the broadcast function.
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KNTECH Engineers help Sydney Metro officially operate

In order to ensure the successful operation of the Sydney Metro, the Sydney Metro Engineering Bureau invited our company's advanced projects to assist in the commissioning of the subway passenger emergency intercom system.
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KNTECH will join in the 17th China Public Security EXPO

KNTECH will participate in the 17th China Public Security EXPO from October 28 to 31, Beijing time. China International Public Safety Expo is one of the high-end brand exhibitions in China's security industry and one of the most important international security exhibitions with global influence. The exhibition will attract more than a thousand security companies from all over the world.
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KNTECH Door phone Intercom system in Canada

Congratulations! KNTECH Door phone Intercom system has been install on Building in Canada.
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