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Explosion Proof Loudspeaker

Explosion Proof Loudspeaker


KNTECH explosion-proof loudspeakers have a rugged and corrosion-resistant body. ES series powered speakers are recommended for indoor and outdoor use in hazardous locations such as oil, gas and petrochemical facilities and difficult industrial environments.
explosion proof loudspeaker main view

Explosion proof speaker 30Y

Explosion-proof series speakers are available in a variety of models. There are 5 watts, 10 watts, 15 watts, 30 watts to choose from, with high power amplifier, can be used for outdoor broadcast calls.

The horn feature

1. Explosion proof Speaker design and certified by TUV ATEX standard.
2. Material/Colour: Anti-static Polyamide/Black
3. Waterproof rating IP66 dust proof IP66.
4. Service temperature range from -40 ℃ to +55℃.
5. For 360° lossless broadcast
6. fixed resistance KNLB-Ex30Y with transformer.
7. For use public address and paging application
8. Application: Products are widely used in petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, sea oil, nuclear power, shipbuilding, tunnels and other projects requiring explosion-proof grade Speaker.

The explosion proof speaker atex paging type and marking

atex horn speaker 

Frequency Response @ /1W/1m

the freq for explosion proof speakers paging

The size ahout it

explosion proof loudspeaker size

The explosion proof speaker installation dimension drawing

explosion proof loudspeaker install size


Unit size: 250(Ø)*352(L)mm
Unit G W: 3.7kg
1 pcs in a inside box. Box size: 270x270x390 cm G.W: 3.7KG
2pcs in a CTN box. CTN box size: 570x 290x420 cm G.W:7.8KG

==>>>> Product Specification

Type Description

The appearance of the speakers mold is the same, the difference built-in transformer or not.

hazardous area speakers

hazardous area speakers

Specification for all the speakers

explosion proof horn
hazardous area speakersexplosion proof hornhazardous area speakersexplosion proof horn

==>>>>Telephone System
explosion proof loudspeaker telephone system

==>>>>Product Application

explosion proof speaker outdoor application explosion proof speaker outdoor application explosion proof speaker outdoor application explosion proof speaker outdoor application

atex speakerand alarm sounder
atex speakerand alarm sounder

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures
Explosion proof horn loudspeaker detail

explosion proof loudspeaker main view explosion proof loudspeaker side view explosion proof loudspeaker view explosion proof loudspeaker front view explosion proof loudspeaker top view

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This product model:KNLB-Ex30Y